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it’s okay久久精品中文字幕第一页

The Haunting of Palmer MansionBy RawlyRawlsThis is a work of fiction written solely to entertain. If you want to read lots more stuff, vote on new stories, or support my writing, please visit my Subscribestar site (you can find the link in my profile). Also, all characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older. Chapter 1“Do you plan on living in the house?” Roger Peddler sat across the table from George and Julie Anderson. They were an attractive middle-aged couple. She was a tall brunette with a pretty smile, wearing a navy skirt suit that looked off the rack. He was a tall man with some gray in his short blond beard, wearing a brown corduroy coat and red tie. This was the first time he’d met the buyers, and he had a pang of guilt to see them all smiles and eagerness. “My wife and I … I mean ex-wife and I planned on fixing up the place, but we didn’t get very far.”“We have the same plan.” George accepted a document from the closing agent and signed it. “We’ll live in the house while we fix it up.”“Do you have a son?” Roger signed one of his own documents and pushed it away from him. “We have three beautiful children, Mr. Peddler.” Julie cocked her head and raised an eyebrow. “Our eldest is married and off in the world. The twins still live with us.”“Are the twins girls?” Roger’s voice sounded thin and unsure of itself.“A boy and a girl.” George’s voice was more than a little sharp. “What business is it of yours?”“None, none.” Roger shook his head. “This house may test your marriage.”Julie’s pretty, curving lips slumped into a frown and she put her left hand on her husband’s right hand and squeezed. Her large wedding ring stood out on her delicate fingers. “Our marriage is rock solid, Mr. Peddler. This is not the first home we’ve rehabbed.”“I thought my marriage was unbreakable too.” He took a sip from one of the plastic water bottles on the table. “And how old is your son?” Roger’s heart beat in his ears. He knew he was pushing it with this nice family, but he had to know.“The twins are eighteen.” Julie squeezed George’s hand a little harder. She wanted him to know she’d had about enough of this. “Maybe … maybe … maybe ...” Roger nodded to himself. “Maybe the house will ignore him.”Everyone in the room buzzed with tension. The seller’s agent looked like he’d rather be elsewhere. The closing agent kept her eyes on her papers. “Watch the boy.” Roger looked over at George. “Just watch your boy while you’re in that house.”George turned to the closing agent. “Can we sign the rest of the paperwork in a different room? My wife and I would rather not share space with him.” He jabbed his finger at Roger. “Of course.” The closing agent stood and ushered them out of the room. Julie spared a glance back at Roger as they left. He was staring at her butt, shaking his head, and muttering “slut” to himself. In all her years buying and selling homes, this was the most unusual closing she’d been a part of.~~“It’s got good bones.” George looked up at their new house with a satisfied smile. The Victorian mansion had been a beauty at one point, but it had fallen into some disrepair. Nothing too worrisome. There was some rotted siding and peeling shingles. It needed paint. But lots of the original detailing remained. The two turret towers still stood proud on either side of the house. “What do you think, Jules?”“I’m still in shock at the price.” Julie walked up next to her husband, the weeds crunching under her sneakers. She slipped her arm around his waist and squeezed. “We lucked out, honey.” Julie kissed George on the cheek and then looked back at the car. “You twins wanna see your new house?”“Coming.” Daniel shut off his phone, slipped it into his pocket, and hopped out of the car. “Wow, we’re living here? It’s huge.” Daniel was a small, bookish teen. He pushed his longish, blond hair back off his forehead. “How many rooms, Mom?” Daniel couldn’t look away from the house, taking in the old fish scale shingle accents and finely carved geometric shapes around the windows. In all his eighteen years, he’d never seen anything quite like it. “There are twenty-two rooms, Danny.” Julie gave her husband another squeeze and then walked over and stood next to her son. “Seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, four living rooms, a den, a library, a kitchen, a dining room, and, of course, the grand entryway.”“That’s twenty-one.” Daniel looked up into his mom’s warm, brown eyes. “What about the other one?”“Well, your father and I don’t know yet.” Julie smiled down at him. “There’s a room next to the study that’s locked. The seller says he didn’t have a key.”“Oh, cool, a spooky mystery.” Daniel smiled and nodded with exuberance. “Hey, Britt,” he called over his shoulder. “Come and see this.”“In a minute, dufus.” Brittney still sat in the back seat of the station wagon, texting her friends. Her long brown hair fell down around her face and did its best to hide her from the world. A pickup truck drove down the old cobbled driveway and parked next to them. Daniel’s older brother, Brad, waved to Daniel with a sardonic flourish from the driver’s seat. His wife, Penelope, waved and smiled at Daniel too, with a bit more authenticity. She had her blonde hair up, and she wore an old t-shirt, ready to work. Daniel felt some butterflies in his stomach the way he always did around her.“Brad’s here?” Daniel looked back up at his mom, as if he had hopes that his eyes were playing tricks on him.“Of course, sweetie. The movers will be here soon. We need help, right?” Julie patted Daniel on his skinny shoulder. She was mostly oblivious to Daniel’s apprehension about spending time with his bully of a brother, and his sweet, beautiful wife. “I hope when you’re a man, you’ll be as considerate as your brother.” Julie walked back over to her husband, took his hand, and walked down the cracked concrete of the front walk. “Let’s get this house opened up.”“I’m eighteen.” Daniel said under his breath. “I’m a man.”“No, you’re not.” Brad walked up next to Daniel and punched him on the arm, hard enough for Daniel to know it wasn’t playful. “You’re still a runt, Danny.” Brad hit him again, laughed, and walked after their parents.Daniel stood in the weeds and rubbed his arm, watching Brad stalk off. His brother was his opposite in many ways. Brad was tall, broad-shouldered, and his muscles bulged out of his t-shirt. And he was not nearly as thoughtful as their mom thought. “He doesn’t really mean it.” Penelope walked up and gave Daniel a pitying, sympathetic smile. “He’s actually very considerate.” She patted Daniel on the head like he was a lost puppy, and followed her husband up the walkway.“He means it,” Brittney whispered. She had finally left the car and stood a few feet from Daniel, eyeing their new house. “It really is a monstrosity, isn’t it?”“Our brother or the house?” Daniel looked at Brittney, admiring her quick, friendly smile. “Both?” Her small, elfin features caught the morning sun as she looked up at windows in the west tower. “Yeah, you’re probably right.” Daniel walked off toward the house. “Come on, Britt, let’s go pick out our rooms.”“Okay.” As Brittney followed her brother, she kept her eyes up on the windows like she had spotted something interesting. But she said nothing more.~~Even with help from the movers, the Andersons were hot and sweaty by the time the family’s stuff was settled. Most of the boxes and furniture were in their assigned rooms. Julie and George took the master bedroom on the second floor for their own. Daniel took the second-floor bedroom with the fireplace, on the opposite end of the house. Brittney, wanting to have some space of her own, took the circular bedroom in the east tower, above Daniel. Brad and Penelope set up a guest bedroom for themselves across the hall from the master bedroom. The couple didn’t plan on spending the night all that often, but there were bedrooms to spare. They’d sleep there that Saturday night, help with the unpacking Sunday, and then leave Sunday night. It wasn’t a long drive back to their small home across town.The house was clearly a product of its era. Only the entry way and the second-floor living room had open layouts. All the other rooms were cloistered and compartmentalized. All around them, there was rich wood paneling and bountiful carving and inlay. The Victorian builders loved to pour on an excess of detail and a mansion like this had certainly spared no expense when the house was built in 1886. The family ate delivered pizza together in the oak-paneled dining room when their work was done. After that, Daniel excused himself to take a shower. He grabbed a towel from one of his boxes and found the bathroom across the hall from his new bedroom. It had an old clawfoot tub with a shower curtain hanging from a rickety curved rod. He sighed to himself, but it would have to do. Downstairs, Julie washed dishes and thought about how they’d probably need to start with remodeling the kitchen. She could really use a dishwasher. Suddenly a chill passed over her and she shivered. She felt George step up behind her and give her jean-clad butt a pat. “Hands off, George. Save it for our new bedroom.”“What?” George called in from the dining room where he was clearing the table with Penelope’s help. Julie’s pulse quickened and she turned, but no one was in the kitchen with her. She turned off the sink and put her hands on her hips. That was odd. She could have sworn somebody gave her butt a little smack. Well, she was tired. “Nothing, honey,” she called back to her husband. And now that she thought about it, she was dirty. So very dirty. Without another word, she walked out of the kitchen, down the hall, and upstairs. The thought occurred to Julie that she should use the master bath and it might be good to grab a change of clothes and a towel. But instead, she walked right to the bathroom across from Daniel’s new bedroom. She opened the door and slipped in. She could hear Daniel softly singing to himself as he scrubbed himself. Julie’s heart thumped in her chest. She left the door open behind her and walked up to the shower curtain. For some reason, she needed to make sure Daniel cleaned off properly. It was her motherly duty after all.“Hit me baby one more time –” Daniel sung to himself. The shower curtain flung open and Daniel gave a high-pitched shriek. He turned to see his mother standing there with a distant look in her eyes. “Shit, Mom, what are you doing?”The shriek snapped her out of it. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Danny. I didn’t know anyone was in here.” She looked him up and down. His pale, thin teenage body was slick with water. She couldn’t help but notice his tiny penis. It seemed he had not inherited his father’s hefty seven inches. That was too bad for her little man. “I … um … thought this shower was empty.”“Like, you didn’t hear me?” Daniel caught his mom looking at his junk, and he quickly put both hands over his crotch. He knew he was small and the look of pity in his mom’s eyes confirmed it. This was mortifying. “Get out, Mom.”“Of course, sorry. I’m so sorry, Danny.” Julie retreated back out into the hall and closed the door. That was all so strange. She must be more tired than she thought. She walked back to the stairs with the most peculiar feeling. It was like she was moving in a stodgy dress, with an awkward bustle in the back. She had to look down to confirm to her brain that she in fact still had her t-shirt and jeans on. She’d go to bed early, she decided. ~~Something woke Daniel in the middle of the night. The old mansion creaked as its timbers contracted and expanded, a type of breath any old house would take. The cool night air settled around the house. Daniel’s curtains billowed in the moonlight as a breeze blew through his open window. When had he opened his window? And if there was a draft blowing in there must be a cross breeze. Daniel looked over to his bedroom door and saw that it stood open too. That was odd. A thump sounded down the hall and echoed into his room. That must have been what had woken him. And then another thump. And pretty soon the sound picked up a steady rhythmic beat. It wasn’t so much a thumping as a slapping sound, he decided. Probably his stupid brother trying to prank him. Daniel threw off the covers and walked toward the door. The smooth, cool floorboards pressed up against his feet. He hugged himself against the breeze. It was very cold in his room. Once at the door, Daniel peeked out into the hall. To his right all was quiet at the stairs that went up to his sister’s room in the east tower. To his left, the hall extended a long way. Past the grand staircase, all the way down to the closed doors of the bedrooms where the rest of the family slept. “What the?” Daniel’s eyes widened. A naked woman with flowing red hair, large breasts, and a pregnant belly leaned her elbows on the railing overlooking the grand stairway. He could just hear her soft grunts. Behind her labored a young man probably Daniel’s age, or maybe a little older. He gripped the pregnant woman’s hips and thrust in and out of her with an enormous dick. His strokes were so long, Daniel thought he’d plop out of the woman, but, instead, he drove back into her again and again. On the floor, all around the mating couple were strewn old timey clothes that surely must have fallen out of a Dickens novel. Daniel’s little penis hardened in his pajama bottoms. The red-haired woman turned her head and looked at Daniel. Her green eyes blazed into his soul. “There you are, dearie.” She gritted her teeth with each thrust. “The bond, the pact, the contract made.” She spoke softly but the words carried down that long hall to Daniel. “We paid and received and the Devil took his due.” Her whole body jiggled wonderfully with each hard thrust. Daniel had never seen anything he wanted more than this pregnant woman. “Who … who …” Daniel stammered. “Who are you?”“I am Mrs. Palmer, and you may know me the way the stud knows the mare if you wish.” The woman smiled a sweet wistful smile. “You may possess all that you see.”“How?” Daniel watched her shaking ass and the lovely curve of her delicate back. “You need only say that you want me.” Mrs. Palmer grunted as the young man behind her picked up the pace. He was hammering her now. “Say you will pay the price to have what you will.”“I … I …” Daniel did want her.“Offer your approbation, dearie. Then, you will know this pleasure.” Mrs. Palmer braced herself as the young man grunted and stopped his thrusts, clearly cumming inside her. She pushed back and hissed through her teeth. “Pay the price and you can have what my sweet Thomas has. For ever and ever.” Panting, she kept her eyes locked on Daniel. “I want you.” Daniel didn’t know what the price was, but he was more than willing to pay anything. “I’ll pay the price.”“Good boy,” Mrs. Palmer said. And with that, she and Thomas disappeared, along with all of their clothes. “Hello?” Daniel blinked. A warmth grew in his small, stiff penis. At first it felt pleasant, but then it quickly became unbearable. It was so hot. His balls too. Everything down there felt like it was on fire. He ran across the hall and turned on the shower all the way to cold. He jumped in with his pajamas still on and pulled down his bottoms. The cold water did nothing to cool his fevered skin. His dick was glowing a reddish color he had never seen before, but one he’d later describe as something sanguine. The color of pleasure and blood. As he watched with his mouth slack in horror, his dick grew. With each beat of his pulse it added a little to its girth and length. Veins defined themselves along his shaft. The head swelled and turned a dark purple color. Daniel tried not to hyperventilate. After several minutes, the dick stopped growing and stood out from his skinny frame with monstrous proportions. Probably longer than a foot and so terribly thick. The glow left his penis, and spread to his balls. Now they too grew with each beat of his heart. He reached down and grabbed his dick with both hands and stroked. He’d never known such pleasure before. When his balls stopped their expansion, they were quite swollen and crisscrossed with little purple veins. “Oh my, God, I’m … going to … explode.” Daniel let loose a torrent of cum onto the shower curtain and sagged down to his knees. That was more cum than he was used to producing in a whole month. His dick went soft, but it was still so huge as it rested in his hands.Daniel wiped the cum down the shower drain, stood, and turned the shower off. Still soaking wet, with his bottoms around his ankles, he stumbled out of the tub and into the hall. His dick swayed like a pendulum between his scrawny thighs. He managed to cross the hall into his bedroom, close the door behind him, and tossed his exhausted body into bed. Daniel fell asleep almost immediately, and dreamed heavenly dreams of taking Mrs. Palmer from behind. ~~What a wonderfully large house. They were a lucky family to find this steal, Julie thought to herself as she padded down the second-floor hall wearing a casual summer dress. It was a clear, sunny morning and most of the family ate breakfast down in the dining room. Everyone except Daniel, that is. He hadn’t gotten himself out of bed yet, which was unusual for him. He was often the first to rise. He’d probably stayed up too late with a book or something. Julie knocked on the door, but received no answer. “Danny, I’m coming in.” Julie opened the door and stepped in. She found him lying on top of the covers, on his stomach. His little white butt nearly blinded her in the morning light. She giggled to herself, she hadn’t seen his naked butt in years. Now she’d seen his diminutive penis and butt in the course of two days. “Danny?” Julie walked over to the bed and shook his shoulder. His pajama top was damp. Maybe he’d had night sweats. She felt sorry for him. His nightmares probably had something to do with her seeing his little thingy. “Time to wake up, pumpkin.”“What?” Groggily, Daniel turned his head on the pillow and blinked his eyes up at his mother. He’d always known she was pretty, but in that moment, she looked completely enthralling. His eyes went to her cleavage as she bent at the waist. His cheeks flushed and he looked up to her sweet smile. Very fine crow’s feet lines, obvious in the morning light, extended next to her eyes. The small wrinkles looked so lovely and reassuring. “It’s time to wake up.” Julie noticed her little man taking a peek down her dress, but she didn’t mind. Teenagers couldn’t really help themselves after all. “We’re leaving for church in an hour. And we have a lot of unboxing to do today.” Julie straightened and gave Daniel a wink. “I’m going to go get changed. Get ready and go grab some breakfast.” Julie did her best not to giggle as she left the room. She closed the door after her. “Oh, shit.” Daniel realized only after she’d left that he’d been mooning her. He turned onto his back and his soft, giant dick flopped onto his belly. “Oh, double shit.” He looked down at what until yesterday had been an awkward problem on the tiny end of the scale, but was now an embarrassment of riches. How was he even going to stuff all that into his briefs? Daniel hopped out of bed, did his best to tuck that monster comfortably into his underwear, and put on his church clothes. When he arrived downstairs, he found his siblings in the dining room finishing off their pancakes. “The runt has landed,” Brad said between mouthfuls. He wore an ill-fitting suit that couldn’t quite contain his broad shoulders. He had his blue tie flipped over his shoulder. “Good morning, Daniel.” Penelope gave Daniel that usual sad smile that said she felt sorry for her husband’s little brother, but she wasn’t going to do anything about it. “Why are you walking so funny?” Brittney looked Daniel up and down as he found a seat and served himself some pancakes. “Just sore from all that moving.” Daniel flipped his red tie over his shoulder to keep it away from any wayward syrup. “Do you even lift, bro?” Brad laughed at his own joke and looked at his wife.Penelope was torn between supporting her husband and not wanting to further humiliate poor Daniel. She chose the former and chuckled, but didn’t make eye contact with either of them.Both Daniel’s sister and sister-in-law were already in their church dresses. Daniel’s eyes took in the swell of their breasts under the conservative cut. Penelope certainly had more in the boob department, but she was in her twenties. Daniel supposed Brittney would grow bigger. Then he realized he was thinking about his sister’s tits and his mouth turned down in revulsion. “What’s wrong now?” Brittney’s sharp features were accentuated by the inquisitive look on her face.“Nothing. Just a bad taste in my mouth.” Daniel tried to keep his thoughts about Brittney clean, but all sorts of torrid images burst into his brain. Did she shave her pussy? What did her butt look like? Sure, he’d seen her in a bathing suit dozens of times, but he’d never really looked. Much to his dismay, his new freak-of-a-dick started pushing at his underwear as it swelled with blood. He needed to think of something else. “How’d you sleep up in your tower?” Shit, now he was thinking about her laying naked in bed. The world was going topsy-turvy.“I slept like a log.” Brittney cocked her head at him. “What’s wrong with you today?”“Nothing, nothing.” Daniel shook his head.“I think he’s finally hit puberty,” Brad said.“Enough with that, Brad.” George walked into the room with his jacket and tie on. “Okay, Andersons. Let’s get this show on the road.”Everyone but Daniel got up from the table and took their dishes into the kitchen. Daniel sat there for ten minutes and slowly ate his pancakes until his dick finally deflated. Maybe he was hitting puberty way late. Maybe that’s all this was. Then he thought of Mrs. Palmer and a chill ran down his spine. No, something else was happening.Eventually, Julie came to get him. “We’re out the door, Danny. Come on.”“Coming, Mom.” Daniel got to his feet and followed her out of the house. He needed to talk to somebody. The pastor? No way. His dad? That would be weird. His sister? No. His mom? Butterflies rose in his stomach as he contemplated confiding in her. He wasn’t sure why, but it would have to be her.~~On Sunday afternoon, Julie sat on the floor in the middle of the library unpacking and organizing books. The jeans and t-shirt she had on were dusty from the day’s labors. Her hands stopped when she pulled the book First Love by Ivan Turgenev out of its temporary carboard home. She remembered reading it when she was in college. A love story between a teenage man and an older woman. As she recalled, the woman was capricious and the man overcome by infatuation. She opened the book and read a random passage. “I burnt as in a fire in her presence ... but what did I care to know what the fire was in which I burned and melted--it was enough that it was sweet to burn and melt.”Seamlessly, Julie felt that she had moved into dream. A pregnant woman in a bustled dress stood over her, looking down at the book. “I read that book on its first American printing.” The woman’s copper hair fell around her face. “It’s a rather scandalous and scorching tale.”Julie looked up at the woman and a sense of calm spread over her. “Who are you?”“My name’s Mrs. Eloise Palmer. How do you do?” Eloise held her hand out.“I’m Julie Anderson.” Julie reached out for the hand, but it was offered in such a way that she knew she wasn’t supposed to shake it. She was supposed to kiss it. Did women greet each other this way all those years ago? Julie didn’t think so, but she took the hand and delicately placed her lips on Eloise’s knuckles. The woman’s skin was icy on Julie’s warm lips. She released the hand and looked down at the book.“Go on,” Eloise said. “Read another passage.”“Sure.” Julie felt that the whole world had gone foggy. She flipped pages and read. “Beware of the love of women; beware of that ecstasy - that slow poison.”Eloise laughed. It was a pretty, tinkling sound. She held her swollen belly. “I’m glad my Thomas never read that book. We wouldn’t want to warn our boys, now would we? I do believe he turned eighteen the year I read this.”“What year was that?” Julie looked back up into those beguiling green eyes. “It was 1897, of course.” Eloise smiled.“Of course.” Julie nodded. “Now, Mrs. Anderson, would you like to know the pleasures I found with my Thomas?” Eloise’s smile grew and her freckled face radiated happiness. “I don’t understand.” Julie shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs from her brain. “The bond, the pact, the contract made,” Eloise said. “We paid and received and the Devil took his due. All we need from you is your approbation, sweet Julie.”“No.” Julie dropped the book and ran her hands through her long brown hair. “No, this is wrong.”“Mom, are you in here?” Daniel poked his head into the doorway.Julie found herself lying on the floor in the middle of all those books. She sat up and looked around the room wildly. Mrs. Palmer was gone. Had Julie drifted off to sleep while unpacking? What a strange dream. It had been a trying few days. She looked back to her son who had a worry line etched into his forehead. “What’s wrong, pumpkin?”“I think I need to see a doctor.” Daniel stepped into the library and closed the door behind him. The door could lock from inside. That was an odd feature for a library. He locked it. “I’m going through some … changes.” He looked down at his mother. The outline of her bra straps under her old t-shirt fascinated him. He’d never really noticed what wonderfully round, full boobs she had. He tried not to stare at how her breasts warped the logo on her shirt. “No insurance, remember? Hopefully we can avoid the doctor.” Julie stood up and brushed herself off, shaking the last clinging remnants of that dream away. “Tell me what the problem is.”“Last night I had a strange dream about a pregnant lady, and then this happened.” Daniel unbuttoned his pants.“Wait, Danny. Did this woman have …?” Julie gasped and lost her train of thought as Daniel lowered his pants and underwear and she got a good look at what hung between his legs. “See. That’s why I need a doctor.” He looked away from his mother. “Is that real?” Julie tentatively walked toward her son. It looked real enough, just ridiculously exaggerated. The skin tone was right for Daniel. It swayed a little like she’d expect such a large hunk of meat to sway as Daniel shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “I’m not messing with you, Mom.” Daniel spared a glance as she approached. Her eyes were narrow, and she moved almost like a cat on the hunt. It was disconcerting. “I’ll need to touch it.” Julie drew near to him and reached her left hand down to the soft appendage. “Just to check.” She brushed her fingertips down the top and the thing jerked and grew a little. “Oh, I see. It’s real.” She took a deep breath. “It’s real, alright.” In her head she heard Eloise’s voice. Julie needed only to pay the price and she could possess everything before her. “Mom … uh … you better stop now.” “Just a sec, pumpkin.” Julie slowly wrapped her fingers around the thing’s monstrous girth and squeezed, pressing her wedding ring into the spongy flesh. Some part of her brain flashed warning lights and repeated to her a passage from church earlier that day. Corinthians 7:5, Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control. Julie let go of her son’s hardening thing.“I’m sorry, it just did that on its own.” Daniel looked down. His dick was now almost fully hard, head purple and veins bulging. “Go take a cold shower, Danny, and we’ll talk about his later.” She gave him a shove toward the door. “And for heaven’s sake pull your pants up.”Daniel turned, pulled up his pants, and rushed for the door. Tears welled in his eyes. He was so confused. Base urges and conscience pulled in far flung directions. He didn’t think the cold shower would help, but at least it was the perfect place to fap. He opened the door and rushed down the hall.Julia’s chest heaved and she shook her head. Her mind vacillated between thinking the whole thing was the product of a fevered mind beset by a tempestuous few days, to focusing back to the reality of Daniel’s strange penis as she held it in her hand. They’d need to get the wi-fi working, because Julie needed to do some research on how quickly the teenage penis was supposed to grow. She was pretty sure it wasn’t that fast. Good Lord, he was now twice the size of his father.~~Sunday evening rolled around and Julie found Daniel in his room. He was laying on his bed messing around on his phone. Goodness gracious, she could see the bulge of his soft penis in his shorts. “Get up, Danny. Let’s have another look at it. I Googled your condition and didn’t find anything. I think if it looks healthy, we’ll just call this an unusual growth spurt.”“Okay, Mom.” Daniel got off the bed, stood on the hardwood in his bare feet, and dropped his shorts. His breathing quickened. Did he like showing off his dick to his mom? Was that the reason he’d picked her to help him with this problem? Daniel was glad he hadn’t tried his father. That would have been nothing but embarrassment. “Wow, sweetie. That really is some growth spurt.” Julie’s eyes widened as her gaze roved over the great hanging thing. “Okay, George,” Julie called over her shoulder. “I do think you need to see it.” She hadn’t wanted to bring in her husband. Maybe she’d exaggerated the memory of Daniel’s penis from earlier in the day. After all, she had been groggy from that dream about the pregnant woman. But clearly, it was just as big as she remembered it. She needed a man’s opinion.“What?” Daniel looked at the door in a sudden panic.“Alright, pal, let’s see what all the fuss is about.” George stepped in from the hall where he’d been waiting. He got one look at his son with his shorts around the ankles and stopped in his tracks. “Well that does look out of place, doesn’t it?” George took another step and stood next to his wife. “You should check it, Jules. Make sure it’s … I don’t know … normal.”“We can see it’s not normal, honey.” Julie frowned at her husband. “I don’t want to touch it.” In her mind, she added again. But she couldn’t have George know she’d already held the thing. “I’m right here, Mom.” Daniel’s cheeks flushed and he looked away. He expected his dick to shrivel up and disappear. That’s what his old dick would have done. But this monster just hung there. At least he didn’t have an erection. That would be a real nightmare. “Sorry, Danny.” George looked back at Daniel. “You are as God created you and you have nothing to be ashamed of.” Daniel didn’t think that was right. It was Mrs. Palmer that did this and Daniel was pretty sure she wasn’t working with God. “There was a lady last night –”“Hold on, Danny. One thing at a time.” Julie didn’t mean to be cross, but she wanted to focus on the issue at hand. “We need to deal with this now.”“Well, it looks healthy enough.” George leaned a little forward as he tried to assess his son’s dick without getting too close. “Does it hurt?”“No, it’s okay,” Daniel said. “But I really have to tell you about –”“There you are. What’s everybody doing in …” Brad walked into the room and stopped in his tracks. “Holy shit. What the hell, Mom and Dad?”“Language, Bradly.” Julie turned and shook a finger at Brad. “We’re just trying to see if your brother needs any medical attention.”“I bet he does.” Brad shook his head like he was deep in thought. “He’s a freak.” Brad didn’t like any of this. His stupid little brother was swinging some serious pipe. He’d never tell Penelope about this. Daniel wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Instead he just stood there with his dick out in the breeze. “That’s not helpful, Bradly.” Julie scowled at her eldest. “Well, now.” George sighed. He looked away from Daniel and offered a wan smile to his wife. His youngest son suddenly made him very uneasy. “It seems healthy enough. If it doesn’t bother him, there’s no need for a doctor.”“This house is so big. It took forever for us to find …” Penelope walked into the room and her jaw dropped. Brittney walked in next to her and her hand went to her mouth. Both women quickly had very rosy cheeks. All four eyes fixed themselves on Daniel’s dick.“What … what happened to Danny?” Brittney couldn’t look away from the horrible thing between his legs.“It’s perfectly natural.” George moved toward the door and tried to shepherd his family back into the hall. “We come in all shapes and sizes.”“But that’s not Danny’s thing, Dad.” Brittney let herself be pushed out of the room.“Of course it is, Britt.” George cleared out everyone but Julie, and their voices faded down the hall.“You can put that away now.” Julie watched him pull up his shorts and underwear, he struggled to tuck his thing into his clothes. “So, it’s decided. If it hurts or changes in any way, you let me know. Otherwise, this will be the last we talk about it. Okay?”“Sure, Mom.” Daniel looked at the floor.Julie turned and walked to the door and a sudden thought entered her mind. She looked back at Daniel still standing there. “Cheer up. It would have been so much worse if they saw the little thing you used to have. I think the men were jealous. Don’t you?” Julie smiled her warm, caring smile but it occurred to her that was a very odd thing for her to say. “Thanks, Mom.” Daniel looked up and smiled back. “Yeah, sure.”“Good. That’s all settled then.” Julie slipped out the door and closed it behind her.~~Dreams slipped past Daniel as he slept. There was no room as the house whispered into his mind. Over and over again, Daniel heard that he’d paid the price and now it was time to take what was his. Daniel woke with a sudden start and sat up in bed. Moonlight fell through his bedroom window. Again, the damned window hung open and the curtains billowed. What was going on? He was sure he closed it this time. Daniel took a deep breath. He was about to get out of bed and rectify the situation when he noticed a shadow looming by the fireplace. The shadow took a step toward the bed. Daniel’s blood ran cold. It took another slow step. The form was a woman in a Victorian dress with long flowing hair cascading over her shoulders. “Hello?” Daniel’s voice croaked weakly.“You paid the price, now take what you will.” Eloise Palmer stepped into the moonlight and looked down at Daniel in his bed. Her pale skin almost glowed as she dropped her dress to the ground and moved closer. She stood over him completely naked. “Did you see the doubt in their eyes? They all know what will come.”“Who?” Daniel looked up at her swollen freckled breasts. Her nipples were dark and her areolas expansive. His gaze trailed down over her round belly to the red triangle of hair between her slender legs.“You know who, Danny.” Eloise pulled his blanket and sheet slowly off the bed. Her green eyes narrowed at the sight of his manhood barely contained by his pajamas. “You’re ready for me. Good boy.” She bent down and grabbed the cuffs of his bottoms. The twin diamonds on her wedding ring caught the moonlight. With a swoop of her arms she pulled the bottoms off Daniel and his dick sprung free. “What a fine bludgeon you now have.”“I’m … a virgin … Mrs. Palmer.” Daniel gripped the sheet in either hand as she climbed into bed with him. “Not for long, darling.” Eloise straddled him and reached below her to grasp his cock. “Soon, you’ll find yourself surrounded in acquiescent quim. Anyone you want, Danny. Anytime you want her.”“Your skin is so cold.” Daniel shivered as she dropped her hips and he slid into her. Her insides were as chilly as her exterior. “Warm me up then.” Eloise groaned and took long, slow bounces up and down. Her boobs and belly shook with every thrust. “That’s a good lad.” She cupped her boobs in her hands and leaned her head back. Eloise rolled her eyes and her pretty lips parted. “So … goooooood.”“Am … I … uh … uh … uh … dreaming?” This was so far beyond any fantasy Daniel could conjure up. “Noooooo.” Eloise switched to gyrating her hips and placed her cold hands on his meager chest. “It’s time … Danny … for la petite mort.” Her hips stopped and she trembled all over. Her dangling boobs shook just above Daniel’s face. When she’d recovered from her orgasm, she went back to long, bouncing strokes again. This time with both hands on her pregnant belly. “Very good, Danny. Now it’s your turn.”The sounds of Daniel’s soft grunts, Eloise’s more animalistic ones, and the slapping of frigid skin on warm skin filled the large, dark bedroom. She rode him for a long time.“Mrs. Palmer … it’s happening …” Daniel shut his eyes tight. “Ooooohhhhhhhhh.” He came and came inside this strange woman. Nothing in his life had prepared him for the ecstasy of that moment.When Daniel opened his eyes, golden morning light streamed through his open window and his mother was knocking on his door. Eloise was nowhere to be seen.“Time for breakfast, Danny.” Julie had the good sense not to barge in on her growing boy after the incidents the day before. She wanted no more to do with his enormous thing. “School bus will be here in thirty.”“Okay, Mom.” Daniel called back through the door. What a strange night that had been. He looked down at his rigid marvel of a dick and wondered if he had time for a fap in the shower before breakfast.  Chapter 2The bus dropped off the twins at the end of their long driveway. They talked about classes and friends as they walked back to their new house. Once home, Brittney went off to the main living room to do some homework. There was a couch in there and Brittney liked to imagine a roaring fire in the fireplace, which was a cozy thought. Daniel said goodbye to his sister and hunted for his parents. This proved difficult as the mansion was quite expansive.Eventually he found them in the west tower room, creating their punch list. “Floorboards are loose here.” George stroked his graying, blond beard as he surveyed the enormous, circular room. The windows looked out in all directions. He could see the east tower. It looked like Brittney was home as he caught a glimpse of a woman’s shape moving about her room. “Some of the sills and jambs show rot. Not too bad.”“Got it.” Julie scribbled down on her pad of paper. “What about electrical?”“Hey, Mom and Dad. I’m home.” Daniel walked up the creaking stairway and entered the vacant tower room. He was huffing and puffing from walking all around the mansion. Daniel stopped, bent over, and put his hands on his thighs. The uncomfortable bulk of his dick made the circuit of the house even harder. His briefs weren’t supportive enough and he now walked with an odd gait. “Hey, pal. How was school?” George turned to look at his son.“Good.” Daniel looked up at his parents. They were in their dusty construction clothes. “I see your sister’s up in her tower already.” George pointed out the window at the other turret. “No, I think she’s in the main living room doing homework.” Daniel turned his gaze in the direction his father pointed, but didn’t see anyone. “Maybe it was Penelope?” “They went home this morning.” Julie tucked her pad of paper under her arm. “Well it wasn’t Brittney.” He wondered if it was Eloise, but after he’d lost his virginity last night, Daniel didn’t want to talk about her with his parents. “Well, I hate to argue –” George squinted over at the other tower. “Then don’t.” Julie slapped George on the back and a cloud of dust rose in the air. She smiled at him and then at her son. Even in her ragged work clothes, Julie was a beauty. “Tell us something that happened today at school.”“Well …” Daniel straightened and sighed. He’d finally caught his breath. “I think I need new underwear. I was really uncomfortable. Especially during PE.”“That’s a problem we can solve.” Julie handed George the punch list. “I’m going to help Daniel find some new underwear online.” She walked toward her son, the loose floorboards squeaking a protest under her sneakers. Her brown ponytail swished back and forth behind her head. “I could really use your help, Jules.” George did need her help. It was a lot of house to cover.“You’ll be fine without me, honey.” She took Daniel’s warm hand in hers and led him back down the stairs. “It’s not like Danny’s going to steal me away, George,” she called over her shoulder. Julie laughed at that. It was an easy, friendly sound, like the ringing of merry church bells.~~“This isn’t easy.” Julie scrolled the page on her laptop. “I mean, if we get the XXL, it’ll just hang off your butt. You’re still skinny everywhere but that one place.”“Over there, Mom.” Daniel pointed at the screen and she stopped scrolling. “That iron strength micro boxer. It says it’s made for men with big packages.”“It does, thank goodness.” Julie clicked on the link and adjusted her reading glasses. “Good for up to seven inches when soft,” she read. “How big is your thing, Danny?”“I don’t know.” Daniel was suddenly aware that his shoulder was resting against his mom’s shoulder as their chairs were side by side. The touch was almost electric. He leaned away from her a little. “Come on. I know all men measure it. Especially teenagers. You must have measured it.” She turned to look at him and tried to offer a reassuring smile like this was all perfectly normal, even though they both knew it was not. “I didn’t measure it.” Daniel inhaled. Julie’s breath was sweet and her lips looked so plump and inviting. He’d kissed a few girls in his day, but none as womanly as his mother. Not even close. He looked up into her warm brown eyes, magnified by her glasses. “Let’s just get this one. I bet medium will fit.”“Nonsense, I’ll get your father down here and he can show you how to measure it.” Julie took off her glasses, stood, and walked toward the door.“No, Mom. I’d die if I had to show it to him again.” Daniel steepled his hands in prayer. “Can you just do it, please?”Julie stopped and looked back at him. He looked so sincere. “Fine. I’ll go get the measuring tape in the kitchen. I’ll be back in a minute.”~~Brittney worked her way through her calculus. She sat cross-legged on the sofa, her phone playing white noise to help her concentrate. The cavernous room felt almost cozy.“That math looks hard,” an unfamiliar voice said. “I always tried to study in this room too. The fire always made it so snug and comfy.”Surprised, Brittney looked up to see a boy roughly her age leaning against the great timber mantel. Even more surprising, a fire now roared in the fireplace. The white noise on her phone shifted to the crackling and popping of a blazing fire. Brittney felt the room swim around her. Were those animal heads on the wall? But like in all dreams, she accepted the fantastical as mundane. The boy had short red hair, freckles, and looked like he’d been dressed by Huckleberry Finn. “I’m sorry, who are you now?”“I’m Tom. And you are Miss …?” Thomas bowed and raised his eyebrows, clearly looking for her name.“I’m Brittney.” She giggled. He had such strange affectations. “How old are you Tom?” Brittney put her homework down on the coffee table and brushed her long brown hair behind her shoulders. “I’m nineteen.” Thomas finished his bow and leaned back against the mantle with an air of insouciance. “Always nineteen.”“Well, that’s very strange. I’m eighteen, but not always.” Brittney laughed again. “For example, just a few weeks ago I was seventeen.”“I see.” Tom smiled. “What sort of games do you like to play?”“I don’t know. Mostly 4x strategy games.” Brittney looked around the room. Where had all the ornate furniture come from? The fire cast everything with an orange glow, but offered no heat.“I don’t know what that is, Miss Brittney.”“What games do you play?” Brittney smiled at this odd boy. “I play carnal games mostly. Those are the most fun. Don’t you think?” Thomas looked down at his trousers and there was an obvious bulge growing there. Soon it was an impossibly large tent.“Oh, my. What’s that?” Brittney’s smile faded.“Do you want me to show you?” Thomas shrugged out of his suspenders and reached down to unbutton his trousers. “No. I don’t want to see it.” Brittney shook her head. “It’s too big. Too big,” she shouted.“Brittney, sweetie?” Julie’s voice echoed around the room.Thomas, the fire, and his other manifestations shimmered and then disappeared.Julie walked into the living room. “What’s wrong, Brittney?” She had a measuring tape in her hand and a look of worry on her face. “I heard you shouting.”“It was just a bad dream.” Brittney looked around the room in bewilderment. Everything was just as it’d been when she walked in a little while ago. “I just drifted off while studying.” She picked up her homework off the coffee table. “Oh, okay.” Julie nodded. “I’m going to go help your brother with something, then I’ll check back in on you.”“Thanks, Mom.” Brittney waved her off. The white noise on her phone crackled and popped.“Sure, pumpkin.” Julie stepped back into the hall and headed back to the study.~~“Wow, Danny. Is it even bigger than yesterday?” Julie kneeled in front of her son, tape measure in hand. She looked at that great hanging thing, a formidable leviathan not yet wakened from its slumber. Her gaze went behind it to those two tumescent balls. The rough flesh was crisscrossed with little purple veins running every which way.“I don’t think so.” Danny looked past his mom at Eloise who quietly stepped in from the hallway and gently closed the study door behind her. She put a pale finger to her pink lips and smiled at Daniel. Her bustled dress made no sound as she gracefully stepped into the room, her pregnant belly not totally concealed by the patterned fabric. “Well, let’s get this over with.” Julie reached out with her left hand, hesitated, and then took hold of the soft shaft. “It’s so warm.” She brought the measuring tape up and unwound it. “Five, six, seven, eight inches. Goodness, Danny. You’re longer than your father is when he’s erect.” Julie hadn’t meant to say that out loud.“Really?” Danny watched Eloise as she stood behind his mother. Eloise put her hands together and then slowly pulled them apart until there was more than a foot of distance between them. She nodded, and offered a sweet, proud smile when she saw that Daniel understood.“Okay, eight inches it is.” Julie put down the measuring tape on the floor, but for some reason she hadn’t yet released her son’s penis. “Maybe those micro boxers will work. Seven is pretty close to eight.”“Uh, Mom.” Daniel tried not to stammer. “We should … see how long it is hard.” Danny looked at Eloise as she vigorously nodded and then his gaze fell to his mom’s pretty eyes. Three was a nervous tension in those eyes. “I don’t think so, Danny.” The color drained from Julie’s face. She bit her bottom lip. “Unless … unless … you think it’s really important for your comfort.”“I need your help, Mom.” “Okay, okay, okay.” Julie took a deep breath and looked back down at the flaccid penis. “I’ll help you this one time so we can get you the proper underwear.” Her left hand made one tentative stroke up and down the shaft. She paused. And stroked again. And again. Pretty soon, she had a nice rhythm. She could feel the thing in her hand swelling as Danny’s blood rushed into it. “There we go. Is it all the way hard yet?” “Not … yet.” Daniel watched her boobs shake under her t-shirt as she worked frantically to get him all the way hard.“Not yet? Okay, okay.” Julie grabbed him with her right hand too and worked both hands on the shaft together. She’d never given a handjob with two hands before, there hadn’t been enough room on those other men. Oh, no, she thought. She was giving Daniel a handjob. It was really happening. “You can … measure … now.” Daniel panted and tried hard not to cum in his mom’s unsuspecting face. “Thank goodness.” Still stroking with her left hand, Julie reached down and grabbed the tape measure with her right hand. She should really stop the handjob now, but for some reason she couldn’t. “Holy Moses, Danny. It’s thirteen inches long.” That was an unlucky number, she thought.Behind Julie, Eloise nodded encouragement to Daniel. With her stark, white hands, she made a motion like an erupting volcano. She mouthed the words all over her. Daniel shook his head at the pregnant woman. “Mom … you … have to stop. Or …”“Sorry, Danny.” Julie’s left hand finally stopped and she let go of the wakened leviathan. “Go take care of that in the bathroom.”Eloise frowned, and for a second her pretty, freckled face looked quite dark. She turned and walked to the study closet, opened the door and disappeared inside. “Thanks, Mom.” Daniel in only his t-shirt, stepped around his mom and raced to the study door. His giant cock bounced wildly in front of him. He opened the door and vanished down the hall on his way to the bathroom.Julie turned to watch him go. It was almost comical how disproportioned he was. She took a deep breath and stood. She was about to turn back to her laptop and order Daniel some micro boxers when she noticed the open closet door. That was odd. She walked over to the door and put her hand on it to close it, but stopped when she saw what was hanging inside. All by itself on a black hanger was a powder blue chemise and corset. Victorian lingerie. It looked a little unwieldly, but also quite pretty. Julie wondered if George would like seeing her wearing that outfit. Then she wondered how Daniel would feel if he saw her like that. Would his thirteen inches harden when she presented herself to him? What was she thinking? That was crazy. But she would certainly wear it for George. Julie turned and walked back to the laptop and ordered some new underwear for Daniel. ~~“What do you think, honey?” Julie twirled for her husband in the middle of their bedroom. The kids were in bed, it was late, and Julie felt lively for the first time in days. The perfect recipe for romance.“I guess it has a certain, understated appeal.” George looked her up and down from his position on the bed. The corset did push her boobs up, and the chemise did accentuate the contours of her hips. But it was certainly no Victoria’s Secret. “Where’d you find that, again?”“In the study closet.” Julie stood and cocked her hip to the side. She felt so sexy in that lingerie. Her pussy had started dripping the moment she’d fastened the corset. “And you just put on someone else’s lingerie?” George wondered how he’d ever get that getup off her.“I washed it first, silly.” Julie gave him a pretend pout and stalked to the bed. “Come on, George. I want to feel your little thing inside … your big thing. Your very big penis inside me.” She crawled up onto the bed.“Very well, come and get it, Jules.” George pulled her into an embrace. He tried not to let her see that her little thing comment had unnerved him. He had always been so confident in his size. Now, he wasn’t sure. It took him longer than usual to get hard, but if she noticed, Julie didn’t say anything. They made sweet love in their new bedroom, and George was at least grateful that he lasted longer than usual. Almost seven minutes. Julie hid her disappointment well. For the first time in her life, she wanted more than what George could give. She tried to push those feelings aside and reassured herself that things would return to normal. But as she drifted off to sleep that night, her mind kept coming back to visions of her son’s majestic penis, fully rigid in her trembling, delicate fingers. ~~A week passed and the Andersons settled into their new home. Most of the odd occurrences that plagued them when they first moved in, had dissipated. Julie still did have daydreams, here and there, of holding Daniel’s manhood. But they had lessened, and she expected that those thoughts would soon vanish entirely. Daniel found his new underwear much to his liking. He hadn’t seen Eloise at all since she’d encouraged him to cum on his mother and he’d declined. Eloise’s absence did not sit well with Daniel. He’d settled on two alternatives. Either he was crazy, or Eloise Palmer was a ghost. Either way, Daniel thought she was amazing, and that sex was amazing, and he didn’t want the specter that took his virginity to disappear forever. Brittney didn’t see Thomas again and that was fine with her. She liked the house, and grew quite fond of her tower room with its panoramic views of the sweeping grassland around their new house.Monday evening was takeout time again. Without a functioning kitchen, they’d been eating a lot of take out lately. George worked away under the sink. He cursed as he banged his elbow into the panel behind where he was trying to put in the disposal. The board gave a little. He jostled it and then pulled it to the side. There was a compartment behind it with some old papers. He took them out and crawled from under the sink.“Hey, Jules, check this out.” George called over to his wife as she opened Styrofoam containers on the dining table. “Seems we now know the first owners. Frederick and Eloise Palmer built this house over the course of two years starting in 1884.” He skimmed the papers and didn’t notice the startled look on his wife’s face.“What dear?” Julie recognized the name from her dream in the library. How had she known the name Eloise Palmer? It must have been buried in the home’s disclosures and her mind had unconsciously cataloged it. Daniel froze as he set the table. He wasn’t crazy after all. Eloise Palmer was a ghost. He had to figure out how to get her back. The Palmer house was the best thing to happen to him. Ever.“The Palmers, honey.” George jabbed his finger at the browned paper. “It says they lived here for only twelve years before …” George skimmed the page but couldn’t find what he was looking for. “Before something happened and the mansion was inherited by Frederick’s cousin.” George put the paper down. “The Palmer Mansion, huh? It has a nice ring to it.” He walked to the dining room door and looked in at his family. “What are you all staring at? Do I have something in my beard?” He rubbed his beard vigorously. “Nothing,” all three Andersons mumbled back to him.Gears turned in Julie’s mind as she rationalized these revelations away. Daniel thought about how he might best communicate with the dead. He needed to coax Eloise back into his room.Brittney thought of the boy by the fire. “Does it say anything about them having a son?”“Not in these papers.” George shook his head. Brittney smiled to herself. To think she was worried about ghosts. How silly was that?~~Julie found herself slipping out of bed in the dead of night. She shivered. She was naked and so very cold. Julie stepped over to the closet and grabbed one of George’s flannel shirts. Something called to her, a name whispered, snaking its way through the mansion’s long hallways. She wrapped George’s shirt around her and left the master bedroom. A deep ticking sound kept a steady rhythm. Out in the second-floor living room, Julie found a great grandfather clock that had no business being there. It chimed midnight as she watched, with a strange, somber melody. She hugged the flannel shirt tightly around her and walked down the stairs. In addition to the ticking of the incongruous clock, another beat kept rhythm in the house. It was a wet, smacking metronome, sounding down the west main floor hallway. Julie followed the noise down the hall. On either wall were hung the strangest oil paintings. She stopped and looked at one. It was a family portrait of a stern man, a smiling woman, and a shy son. These artworks did not belong on Julie’s walls. She looked closer and recognized the smiling woman as the pregnant woman from her library dream. The original owner of the house, Eloise Palmer. Julie’s feet scuffed at the smooth floorboards as she shuffled past the mysterious locked room, past the study, past the second living room, and she stopped at the door to the library. It was cracked open and the slapping sounds echoed out of there. She hugged George’s shirt tighter around her and pushed the door open. “Oh, my gosh.” Her hand went to her mouth.Inside the library, laying amongst the stacks of yet-to-be-shelved books, was a young, red-headed man. He was on his back and completely naked. Riding him with long, languid thrusts was Eloise Palmer. With her ripe pregnant belly, her fat, dark nipples, and her myriad freckles she was quite a sight. But what made the scene truly shocking was the monster penis sawing in and out of her, and the contorted, lust-filled, expression on her face. “I’m dreaming.” Julie felt something trickle down her bare leg. She realized that her vagina was so wet that it was dripping. “Heavens.” She put a hand between her legs, under the hanging flaps of George’s shirt and felt her slit. She’d never been that wet before.“Mrs. Julie … Anderson.” Eloise caught sight of the wife in the library doorway and her face lit in the sweetest smile. “You found me … and … uh … uh … uh … Thomas.” Her hips kept bouncing their steady rhythm. She held onto her round belly with one hand and an engorged boob with the other. “You are dreaming and you are not dreaming.”Thomas did not look Julie’s way, but instead fixed his eyes on the wobbling, vigorous woman above him.“You’re so … so …” Julie’s hand moved between her legs. She would never have touched herself in real life, but in a dream it was okay.“Eyes … up here, darling.” Eloise watched Julie with some modest reproach. “It’s never polite to stare at another woman’s breasts.” Eloise gave Julie a wink. “But you like what you see, don’t you? I offer you this and so much more. We already paid and received and the Devil took his due. Extend your approbation, good Julie. You may have this too.”“No.” Julie shook her head and her fingers found her clit. Electricity moved up her spine. “Mark 3:11. And whenever the unclean spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out.” Her hand moved faster and Julie felt her climax approach.“Play coy, then, and watch Thomas fill his mother’s womb yet again.” Eloise thrust fitfully as Thomas grunted below her. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he coated her insides.“No. He can’t be …” Julie grunted out her own glorious climax, hunching herself against her hand and letting George’s shirt fall open. “… your son.” Julie cried out as her orgasm swept through her.“Honey.” George called to his wife from the master bath door. “You slept through the alarm. Time to get up.”“What?” Julie opened her eyes. She was in bed with George’s flannel shirt wrapped around her. What a horrible nightmare. She crawled out of bed and headed to the shower. She felt so dirty. She sighed. So very dirty. ~~The rickety old shower in the bathroom across the hall from Daniel’s bedroom was becoming Daniel’s favorite place to fap. Brittney, in an effort to avoid his male teenage grossness, had taken the bathroom down at the other end of the second floor as hers. So, Daniel could fap away without being bothered. This was essential these days, because since he’d had his growth spurt that first night in the house, he’d needed to relieve himself several times a day. Daniel was in the middle of his before-school-fap when a woman’s voice breathed its way past his shower curtains. He froze.“Such a mighty tool. A shame to use it as such.” Eloise pulled back the shower curtain with slow persistence until her green eyes could take in all of the eighteen-year-old. “Thank God you’re back, Mrs. Palmer.” Daniel stood there with water cascading over his thin body, both hands stationary on his dick. “I thought you might be gone forever.”“You disappointed me, Danny.” Eloise smoothed out her bustled dress, her hands lingering on her bulging belly. A slight frown pulled her perfect lips down. “I made it very clear. You were to cover Julie Anderson in your wonderful effluence. You refused me.”“But she’s my mom.” Daniel let go of his dick and reached out for the ghost. One of her ice-cold hands gently slapped him away. “She is a sow, darling.” Eloise, buoyed by her own words, smiled again. “A sow that you will sow with your great gift.”“I’m not sure what that means.” Daniel stroked his dick. If she wasn’t going to touch him, he’d at least get to look at this beautiful woman while fapping. “But I’m not going to do my mom.”“You are a recalcitrant young man, are you not?” Eloise reached into the shower and brushed one chilly finger down his arm. “I’ll make you a deal. Get her to prime your release and I will take you to bed again. Bargain?”“You want her … uh … to see me cum?” Daniel was close. His eyes went from that pretty, warm face down to the curve of her boobs hidden under her dress.“I want her to coax your sperm. She must pull it out. I will accept that as payment for another tussle with you, dearie.” Eloise faded into the steamy bathroom until there was nothing left of her. “Maybe … uh … maybe … okay.” Daniel unloaded his balls onto the shower curtain and stood there gasping. He would do it. He needed to feel Eloise again. ~~ Several days passed quietly as Daniel mustered the courage to ask his mother for what he needed. He finally made his move Sunday afternoon. His dad was having his post-church nap down on the sofa in the basement while football played in the background. His sister was out with some friends. He found his mom in the library, shelving books. Daniel stopped in the doorway. He took in the swell of her ample sideboob under her stained t-shirt and the womanly curves that her hips and butt presented in her jeans as she reached for a high shelf. She was a beautiful woman. He realized he’d always known this, but had placed those thoughts deep in the far-reaches of his mind. “Hi, Mom.” Daniel stepped into the room and stood next to a stack of paperbacks. “Hello, pumpkin.” Julie tucked the book onto the shelf and turned to face her son. Her smile faded when she saw his face. “What’s wrong?”“Remember how you said to come to you if anything changed with … my thing?” Daniel looked at the floor. “Well, it hurts and I can’t seem to finish no matter how hard I try.”“Oh, dear.” Julie swept her brown hair out of her face. “Our pastor wouldn’t approve of my saying this, but have you tried the internet?” Julie tugged at the neck of her t-shirt. “You know … porn?”“I’ve tried.”“Oh, I see.” Julie thought for a minute. “Maybe it’s time to go see that doctor.”“No, Mom. I know how expensive that is. And with all the house repairs … I think I just need a little help to finish.”“You mean me?” She put her hand to her breast.Daniel nodded. “I touched you the one time so we could find you the right underwear.” Julie took an unconscious step toward Daniel. “To do it again would be a sin.”“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from Him.” Daniel smiled. “To help me is to help Him.”Julie was going to refuse him again, but a sudden shift in energy flowed through her. She felt almost as if she stood before him in a dress and corset, rather than her ragged work clothes. “Oh, Danny. You always had a way with words. I can’t believe I’m going to do this.” She walked past Daniel and closed the library door. “We have to be quick. Your father will be up soon.” She looked around the room but didn’t see anything to catch the coming mess. “This old t-shirt will have to do as a rag.” She pulled her shirt off and held it in her hand. Her breasts wobbled in their supportive bra. “Eyes up here, mister.”“Sorry, Mom.” Daniel unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off. His dick was hard and poking out the top of his underwear.“Those mini-boxers look very supportive.” Julie stepped in front of Daniel and lowered herself to her knees. “They almost contain your hard thing.” She giggled as she reached up and pulled down his underwear. Her giggles stopped dead when his penis sprung out in front of her. The purple head swayed only inches from her face. A small drop of precum dripped down. “Good, Lord. I hope this is the right thing to do.” “It is, Mom.” Daniel stepped out of his underwear and stood before her in only his shirt. “It really hurts.” Daniel knew that lying was also a sin, but despite his upbringing, he didn’t have much of the fear of God in him. “Let’s get this done.” She put her shirt by her knee, reached out with both hands, and placed them on his thing. It was astoundingly thick and the bulging veins pulsed slightly under her fingers. She carefully stroked him back and forth. Her dream from the other night came back to her. Eloise and her son Thomas copulating in this very room. Had that actually happened, or was her mind overwhelmed by life’s changes? One thing Julie knew, she’d never cheat on her husband. Especially with her own son. No amount of bible sweet talk could make that happen. “It’s a very manly tool, Danny.” Her hands moved faster on the shaft. “Like Dad’s?”“Different.” Julie shook her head and looked up at her handsome son. “Let’s not talk about your father. I don’t think he’d approve of this.”“Yeah.” Daniel put his hands on his hips and looked down at his mother’s pretty face and her jiggling boobs inside her bra. “Probably not.” He was happy Eloise had forced him to do this. His mom’s handjob was quickly becoming his new favorite moment in this house. They were quiet for a while as Julie worked Daniel’s dick. His precum had made his cock slick and the sound of wet hands sliding on skin was all they heard for a while. “I see what you mean about not being able to finish. Are you close, Danny?” Julie looked up at him with plaintive eyes. She wanted to complete her task before George woke and tracked them down. Daniel grunted and shook his head.“Oh, my. Well …” She looked back down at the organ in front of her. “My mouth isn’t cheating, right? And by helping you, I’m helping Him.”“Right … uh … Mom.”Just like that, she leaned forward and took him into her warm mouth. She rarely did this for George, and his thing was so different from Daniel’s thing. It was awkward at first, but she persisted. She gave little bobs with her head, not daring to try to take more than the head. Eventually, she swirled her tongue too. After a while, she decided it wasn’t so bad. Even the salty taste of his precum was something of a delight in its own way. “Mmmmmmmmmm.” She groaned and murmured around his fat, purple head. She could see her wedding ring as it bounced and blurred with her hand’s movement in front of her. It was okay, her mouth wasn’t cheating. The library was now filled with slurping and popping sounds. Eloise, unnoticed, watched from the shadows by the closet. She never tired of witnessing a mother’s first suck of her son’s cock. The spectacle was pure magic. Such moments were worth every bit of the Devil’s due. The only thing better than watching a mother teeter on the edge, was watching her fall.“Mom … you’re going to … uh … make me …” Daniel shook all over.Realizing the moment had come, Julie pulled her mouth off his thing with a pop and picked up her shirt. She held it up to his penis with her right hand, and continued to stroke with her left. “Finish, Danny. Please, finish.”“Moooooooommmmmmm.” Daniel erupted.Spurt after spurt of the hot, viscus liquid soaked into the shirt. Julie could feel the pulsing force as it pushed against her right hand. His orgasm continued, and soon the shirt could hold no more and cum dripped between her fingers and down onto the wood floor. “Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh,” Julie repeated over and over. When he was done, the shirt, her hands, and the floor were a hot, sticky mess. “Wow.” Daniel took a long shuddering breath. “Thanks, Mom. I feel way better now.”“You’re … um … welcome, Danny.” Julie’s face was white as a sheet. “Don’t tell …” She took a couple of deep breaths. “Don’t tell anyone about this. It’s our secret, okay?”“Sure.” Daniel nodded, bent down for his boxers, and pulled them on. His hard dick poked out of the elastic waistband. He pulled his shirt over it and pulled on his pants. “It’s a secret.”“Good, boy.” Julie took the t-shirt and tried to mop up the mess on the floor, but the cloth was too soaked with cum already. She’d need to go get a towel or something. “Now run along, Danny. I’ll clean this up.”“Okay. Love you, Mom.” Daniel turned and headed for the door.“Love you too, pumpkin,” Julie said as she looked at her sticky, saturated shirt. She needed to clean up the mess before her husband wandered back upstairs.~~After that amazing blowjob from his mom, Daniel walked down the hall back to his room with a little hop to his step. This wasn’t easy because he was still completely hard, and there was nothing any underwear could do to fully contain his engorged monster. He opened the door to his room and there stood Eloise by the fireplace, wearing a powder blue chemise. When she saw him, a wide smile spread across her pale face and she hopped up and down, clapping her hands with joy. “You did it, Danny.” She gave a quick, excited laugh. “I’m so proud of you.”“Thank you, Mrs. Palmer.” Daniel stepped into his room and closed the door behind him. He couldn’t wipe the grin off his face. “And thank you for asking me to do it.”“You’re welcome, darling.” Still smiling, Eloise stopped her jumping and lifted up the chemise past her hips. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath and she exposed her red triangle to Daniel. “There’s nothing like a mother at service to her boy. Best thing since the horse and buggy. Don’t you agree?” She turned her back to him, still holding up the chemise, and wiggled her pale butt.“Yeah. That was great.” Daniel pulled his pants down and took off his underwear. He removed his shirt and tossed it behind him. “Now do we get to do it?” His eyes fixed themselves on the twin, white globes of her ass. “What a rambunctious boy.” Eloise watched him over her shoulder with her captivating smile. She lowered herself to her knees on the rug by the fireplace and then leaned forward until she was on all fours, presenting her ass up in the air to Daniel. “Minutes ago, you were in your mother’s mouth. Now you want more?” The chemise hung off her shoulders and back, hiding most of her round belly and swollen boobs below her.“Yes, please.” Daniel raced to the rug and knelt behind Eloise. He gently caressed the curve of her butt and shivered at her frigid skin. “Very well. But first attend, Danny.” She kept her green eyes on him, looking back over her shoulder. “Will you put your mother to her wifely tasks on your bludgeon again?”“I don’t know.” Daniel frowned. “I thought if I got her to do what we just did I could be with you again. That was my first blowjob and it was awesome. But … I don’t want to cross any lines with my mom.”Eloise laughed that high tinkling sound of hers, so filled with joy. “Silly, boy. The Rubicon is behind you. But never mind for now. You may have me. That was our deal, and I am a woman of my word.”“So, can I …?” Daniel grabbed his dick with his right hand and scooted in right behind her.“You may.” Daniel pushed his dick into the chill of her soft flesh, but couldn’t find the hole.“I’d almost forgotten this is only your second time.” Eloise reached behind her and grasped the purple head. “That hole you poke is only for special occasions, Danny. Until then, you get my crinkum crankum.” She lowered his penis and slid it into her wet vagina. The heat of his member filled her.“So … good … Mrs. Palmer.” Her icy insides enveloped him and sent shivers through his nervous system. He took hold of her wide, cold hips and thrust in and out. “Yes, darling.” Eloise looked down at her white hands on the dark floorboards and gritted her teeth against the onslaught. The twin diamonds on her wedding ring shone with the orange glow of a fire long since extinguished. “You may take all that you see. I honor my contracts and so does He.”Daniel grunted and plowed the ghost for a long time. He sent her through several shrieking orgasms. At first, he was worried that her screaming would bring his parents. But not so worried that he ever considered stopping. When his mom and dad didn’t come rushing through his bedroom door, he completely forgot about them and just gave himself over to the bestial act. His narrow hips slapped up against her ample butt and the pleasure mounted and mounted. “I’m going to … cum … in your pussy … Mrs. Palmer.” Daniel didn’t care that she was some sort of phantasm. Sex felt amazing and he never wanted to give it up. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh.” He spasmed and released his load inside her. “It’s yours … it’s yours …,” Eloise hissed and pushed back against the young buck. When his orgasm subsided, Daniel looked down to find Eloise gone. He hoped she’d be back soon. He stood, stumbled over to bed and tumbled forward on the sheets. Daniel fell into a deep sleep and dreamed of his mother falling,国产精品国产三级国产av and falling. Forever falling. His nap was both thrilling and terrifying.  Chapter 3“I’m thinking of going to the library this weekend to see what else we can learn about this new house of ours.” George looked around the table with a twinkle in his eye. He still had some dust in his messy blond hair even though they were sitting down to dinner. “Who’s with me?”“Sounds interesting, Dad.” Brittney chewed her Kung Pao chicken takeout thoughtfully. “What do you want to find?”Both Julie and Daniel kept their eyes on their respective plates of food. They’d been uncharacteristically quiet that evening. George frowned at them. “Everything alright with you, Jules? Danny?”They both looked up at him and quickly nodded. “Yeah, I think the move –” Julie stopped talking when Daniel accidently cut her off.“… lots of tests at school, so …” Daniel looked over at his mother, his cheeks flushed, and he looked back down at his plate. He pushed a cashew around with his fork.“Well, you two sure are acting strange.” George shook his head and looked at his daughter. “To answer your question, I’d like to know what happened to Frederick and Eloise in 1896. And maybe we could get a plan for the house, see what that locked room is all about. I haven’t found any keys that might fit that lock. Has anybody else?”Julie and Daniel shook their heads and looked off in different directions. “No, Dad.” Brittney chipped in. “Okay, then.” George scratched at his graying beard and thought about what mysteries lay in the Mansion’s past. “Well, I’m going to the library on Saturday. Who else wants to do some digging with me?”“I will.” Brittney raised her hand.“Maybe I’ll use that time for a nap,” Julie said. “I haven’t been sleeping well.”“Homework.” Daniel glanced at his father quickly.“Well, it’s just you and me then, Britt.” George sighed.Brittney happily nodded. ~~“You inspire me, Mrs. Julie Anderson.” Eloise looked up from a felt-upholstered wingback chair near the hearth in the main living room. Somewhere in the house a clock chimed two o’clock in the morning. The pale woman read by firelight, placing her finger in the leather-bound book to mark her place as she greeted her visitor. “I hadn’t read First Love in a long time. Very inspirational.” The pretty woman had her red hair up in a bun, and wore a white, frilly nightgown that went all the way to her ankles. The loose fabric almost concealed her pregnant belly. “And you brought the book back into my house. Well done.”“How?”Julie looked around the room. She knew that the chimney needed a major cleaning before it would work again, but there was a roaring fire in the fireplace. On the walls, the glassy-eyed heads of a boar, a deer, and a moose stared blankly. The furniture was all wrong, too. The room was filled with ornate and shiny pieces with delicately turned edges. “How did I get here?” Julie suddenly perceived her nakedness. She found herself dressed only in a pair of white panties. She covered her breasts with both hands. “You must have walked downstairs, silly.” Eloise scrunched up her nose in light-hearted mockery. “Please don’t cover yourself on my account, darling. I think your ruby-tipped globes are quite divine and I could alight my gaze upon them all night.” Eloise waited for Julie to drop her hands. When Julie persisted in her modesty, Eloise smiled, shrugged, and opened the book again. “Suit yourself.” She flipped a few pages and stopped. “You really are perfect for this house, sweet Julie. You brought me back to this book. I wouldn’t say First Love started it all, but it did give me ideas about men.”“What are you talking about?” Julie shivered and walked past Eloise to stand by the fire. She felt no added warmth. “Let me read you a passage.” Eloise’s green eyes fell to the pages in her lap. “Ah, here we are. This is from the teenage boy’s perspective. Remember, darling, he’s in love with an older lady.” Eloise read:One day, I was sitting thus on the wall, gazing off into the distance and listening to the chiming of the bells ... when suddenly something ran over me—not a breeze exactly, not a shiver, but something resembling a breath, the consciousness of some one’s proximity.... I dropped my eyes. Below me, in a light grey gown, with a pink parasol on her shoulder, Zinaída was walking hastily along the road. She saw me, halted, and, pushing up the brim of her straw hat, raised her velvety eyes to mine.“What are you doing there, on such a height?”—she asked me, with a strange sort of smile.—“There now,”—she went on,—“you are always declaring that you love me—jump down to me here on the road if you really do love me.”Before the words were well out of Zinaída’s mouth I had flown down, exactly as though some one had given me a push from behind. The wall was about two fathoms high. I landed on the ground with my feet, but the shock was so violent that I could not retain my balance; I fell, and lost consciousness for a moment. When I came to myself I felt, without opening my eyes, that Zinaída was by my side.—“My dear boy,”—she was saying, as she bent over me—and tender anxiety was audible in her voice—“how couldst thou do that, how couldst thou obey?... I love thee ... rise.”Her breast was heaving beside me, her hands were touching my head, and suddenly—what were my sensations then!—her soft, fresh lips began to cover my whole face with kisses ... they touched my lips.... But at this point Zinaída probably divined from the expression of my face that I had already recovered consciousness, although I still did not open my eyes—and swiftly rising to her feet, she said:—“Come, get up, you rogue, you foolish fellow! Why do you lie there in the dust?”—I got up.” Eloise stopped reading and looked up. “There now, do you see?”“No.” Julie shook her head and took a step closer to the seated woman. It seemed the chill in the room emanated off Eloise’s pale, freckled skin. “We ask them to jump, darling, and they do it without a second thought.” Eloise looked up at Julie with the most comforting crescent of a smile. “They melt under our kisses and long for nothing more than a woman’s touch. A real woman, mind you. Not the girls seeking to entrap them in their skirts. I could give you and Daniel such pleasure. Everything you ever wanted and more.”“I’d never …” Julie took a step back.“But you’ve already launched yourself, darling. You need only to take hold of God’s breath like one of those wonderous new dirigibles.” Eloise stood and gracefully walked over to Julie. She reached up and moved Julie’s arms down by her sides and regarded the woman’s exposed breasts. “Like two teardrops. Your feminine form takes my breath away. Imagine what it will do to young Danny.” “He’s only eighteen.” Julie felt her nipples harden as Eloise reached up and rolled them between icy fingertips. “He’s my son,” Julie squeaked. The whole room swam. It seemed different furnishings occupied the same space and pushed up against each other, time rubbing on time. “Details.” Eloise bent at her waist and gave Julie’s right nipple a lick with her frigid tongue. She thrilled as the housewife shuddered at her touch. She straightened and looked into Julie’s eyes. “We paid and received and the Devil took his due. All we need from you is your approbation, sweet Julie.”The word Devil broke Julie from her stupor. “Peter 5:7. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith.” Julie swatted away Eloise’s cold hands, covered up her boobs again, and ran from the living room. Less than a minute later, she fell into bed next to her beloved, snoring George. Her chest heaved and she pulled the covers over her head, calming herself some. She had simply gone too far with Daniel while helping him with his thing. Her conscience, using nightmares now, exerted its price. She wouldn’t do anything inappropriate with Daniel again and all should return to normal. Her breathing slowed. And when things did return to normal, the nightmares would surely fade away.~~On Wednesday, Brittney brought her new boyfriend home after school. Ted Haskins was an affable boy. He was also a senior at the twin’s high school. Brittney wanted him to see the wonderous expanse of the house she now occupied. She brought him up to her tower room and he was indeed dazzled. Especially by the view.“You can see for miles. Do you have neighbors?” Ted held his hand over his eyes and looked through one of the north windows. “Behind the trees to the south. They’re pretty close actually, but we haven’t met them yet.” Brittney sat on her bed and patted the spot next to her. “Come here, Ted.”Ted turned and looked south. The trees weren’t that far away, but he couldn’t see the house hiding behind them. “What’d you have in mind?” He walked over and flopped on the bed.The teenagers made out for a while. Right in the middle of a rapturous moment as he wiggled his hand under Brittney’s shirt, something tickled Ted’s foot. Ted broke their kiss and looked down. He gave a started grunt and backed up against the headboard. A young man with freckles and red hair smiled down at him from the foot of the bed. Ted’s tormentor wore baggy clothes with suspenders. “What is it?” Brittney watched the color drain from her boyfriend’s face. “Who …” Ted pointed to the foot of the bed, looked at Brittney, and then back. The intruder was gone. “What is it, Ted?” Brittney looked down at the foot of the bed but could see nothing amiss. “There was a boy here a second ago.” Ted stood and straightened his shirt. “He messed with my foot.”“Daniel’s helping my parents in the basement, I think.” Brittney frowned up at him. “Not your brother.” Ted looked around the room but couldn’t see anything but teenage clutter. “Look, I should probably get going. Can you walk me out? This house is … really convoluted.” He hugged his broad chest with his arms.“Sure.” Brittney got up, adjusted her bra, and led him downstairs. Once at the front door, she kissed him on the cheek. “Look, I’m sorry about whatever that was. We still on for Friday?”“Sure.” Ted looked past her into the shadowy house. “Bye.” He turned and jogged down the footpath, got into his car, and sped away.Brittney closed the massive oak door with loud thud. That wasn’t how she’d wanted her afternoon to go. She walked back upstairs to maybe listen to some music.~~In the middle of the night, Daniel woke with a start. Starlight filtered in through his open window from the moonless sky outside. What the heck, the window stood open again, letting in the cold night air. Why did it keep doing that? He knew he’d closed it this time. Daniel looked to see if his bedroom door was open too. It looked closed. Daniel didn’t think Eloise would be responsible for something so petty. Or mean. She was so sweet to Daniel. The sound of a muffled smash carried into his room through his closed door. It was a noise like someone dropping china on the floor. And then he heard a man’s voice, also muffled by the door, but nearby. “Who’s the father, Ellie?” The man said. He had a quiver in his voice. The sound of someone on the edge. “Your little friend sung to me. Sung like a pretty bird. I know that is not my child you carry.” A pop sounded, like a firecracker, and Daniel’s body jerked at the noise. He pulled his covers up around his chin and lay perfectly still.“I will not countenance the buck’s face, Ellie,” the man said. Daniel had read enough to know the man was saying he wouldn’t allow his wife to cheat on him. To make him a cuckold. “Come on out, Tommy.” The man’s voice dripped menace. “Tell me where your mother hides.” The voice was closer to Daniel’s door now. Five more pops went off, accompanied by the sound of splintering wood.Daniel held his breath. Was his door locked? He heard the tinkling of metal. He guessed that the man carried a revolver and he’d dropped the spent bullet casings on the floor to reload. A sudden awareness spread through Daniel’s nerves. There was someone else in the bedroom with him. All his muscles contracted when a white shape sped toward him out of the shadows by the dead fireplace. He gave a long sigh when he saw Eloise’s kind face. Her presence was somewhat less comforting when he saw her green eyes were wide with fright. She wore a long white nightgown that covered her ankles.“Come now, young one,” Eloise whispered. She offered her left hand to Daniel and the binary diamonds on her ring shimmered in the starlight. She looked over her shoulder at the door and then back to Daniel. “We mustn’t let him find us here. He suspects our congress.”Wordless, Daniel took her hand. He’d forgotten how cold she was, her icy grip firm. He allowed her to pull him out of bed. The smooth floorboards beneath his bare feet were almost as cool as the woman’s hand. Thank goodness for the warmth of his flannel pajamas. “Storm’s coming, Ellie,” the man said. He might have been right outside the bedroom door. There was another clattering crash and two more pops. “When it arrives, even the Devil won’t save you.”“Hurry.” Eloise pulled Daniel directly toward the fireplace with some urgency.As they approached, Daniel realized that the hearth was somehow sideways and a yawning black gap looked out at him from either side. “What?” He let her lead him into the darkness. They paused on the other side of the fireplace, Eloise moved her free hand against the wall, and with a quiet grinding the hearth swung back and closed them off from the bedroom.“I had the builders install this hidden stairway without Frederick’s knowledge.” Eloise’s voice held a muted tone in the enclosed space. “Even early in our marriage, he was a man of moods ofttimes deplorable. And, of course, the workmen were eager to please the lady of the house.” Her frozen hand held firmly to Daniel’s warm one. “Careful now, there’s a step here. Good. And now here.” She reached up and gripped his elbow with her free hand as she guided him down the winding stairs in the black. “Frederick still knows nothing of this passage.”“Thank God for that.” Daniel took step after cautious step down and down.“Yes.” There was a smile in Eloise’s voice. “Or someone.”“Where are we going?” Daniel opened his eyes as wide as he could but could see only blackness. “The basement, dearie.” Eloise steadied Daniel as he almost lost his balance. “And here we are, no more of those dreadful stairs, you brave boy.” There was the sound of a flipped switch and then slow grinding. The basement hearth turned sideways and Eloise pulled Daniel through. The living room down in the basement was the largest room in the house. There was a treadmill left by the previous owners in one corner and a billiard table that also came with the house nearby. The Andersons had put a couch down here and had perched their television on a carboard box near the fireplace. The only light in the room came from a nightlight George had plugged in near the stairs. “I can’t believe it.” Daniel looked around as the fireplace swiveled closed behind them. “A secret staircase.” He let the pregnant woman pull him over to the couch. She sat down and had him lie next to her, his head in her lap. The chill seeped out of her as she played with Daniel’s hair, but he didn’t mind. “We’ll be safe down here, darling. He never looks for us down here.” Eloise paused and let the quiet around them bolster her words. “You must have had such a fright. I know just the thing to sooth you.” She shrugged her arms out of her nightgown and lowered the garment past her breasts. Her nipples stood out prominent and dark on her alabaster breasts. She slid her hips down to the edge of the couch and propped Daniel’s head on her bulging belly. “There now, drink and calm yourself.” “I don’t understand.” The icy tips of her fingers pressed against his cheek and turned his mouth toward her breast. With her other hand, she squeezed her right tit and plopped the nipple between his lips. Then Daniel understood. The sweetest, most delicious tangy flavor filled his mouth and he gulped it down. The temperature was the same as milk taken straight from the fridge. All his muscles relaxed and Daniel gave into the most wonderful drink he’d ever tasted. “There now. That’s a good boy.” Eloise looked down at him with a soft smile. “Everything’s better now. I’ll take care of you.”“Mmmmmmmm,” Daniel said.“I just have a favor to ask, Danny.” She stroked his cheek softly as he drank. “If I am to maintain my visits, you’ll need to have your mother take another step. She is most resistant to me, you see.”“Mmmmmmm?” David continued gulping that sweet, cold milk. “Have her take care of you again. But this time, darling, I’d like her to use her breasts to satisfy your cravings.” Eloise purred the words. “Understand? Those ruby-tipped globes are wasted on that father of yours. Clear enough?”Daniel nodded and sucked. Eloise wanted him to coax a titjob out of his mom. There was some aversion on Daniel’s part to the idea, but he would do anything to keep Eloise around. And one little titjob wouldn’t hurt anyone. He’d just have to find a way to convince his sweet mother. Daniel drifted off to sleep at Eloise’s breast.Birds sung and cool morning light fell over Daniel’s bed. He woke with a start and sat up in bed. He knew the night’s events had been no dream. He needed to find the courage to do as Eloise asked. Even if it took some time, he’d find a way.~~ Julie made breakfast Saturday morning. The kitchen was finally coming together. George and Julie had installed the new stove the day before and it worked perfectly. Also, they now had a dishwasher, thank God. The sink worked as it should. They’d even done half the countertops. Of course, this was only part of one small room and they had a whole mansion to update. But slow and steady wins the race. “Where’s Danny?” Julie called over her shoulder from the stove. “In the shower, I think.” Brittney called back from the dining room table where she read a book. She knew what her brother did in the shower, which is why she had taken the unoccupied bathroom on the other side of the second floor as her own. Boys were so gross. George stepped up next to his wife and gave Julie’s round bottom a good smack. “Sure you don’t want to come with us? Who knows what secrets we’ll unearth at the library?” “I’m sure, George.” Julie smiled at him and flipped the bacon in the pan. “I could use my beauty rest.”“If you get any more beautiful, Jules, you’ll burn a hole in my heart.” George kissed her rosy cheek and looked down at the frying pan. “Speaking of which, we better get that exhaust fan working. This smells great, but we don’t want grease all over our new kitchen.”“Our partially new kitchen, you mean.”“Our soon to be completely new kitchen, I mean.” George gave her butt another satisfying smack and went to pour himself some coffee. “Don’t miss me too much today, Jules.”“Don’t worry, honey,” Julie said. “I’ll have Danny to keep me company while you two are gone.” The sudden unbidden image of Daniel’s enormous penis flashed in Julie’s mind. She blinked and willed the thought away. “Back to normal, back to normal,” she muttered.“What was that, dear?” George took a long sip of hot coffee.“Nothing, George. I hope you and Britt have fun today.” Julie couldn’t quite seem to get the image of her son’s throbbing penis out of her mind. Maybe a good nap would really do her some good. ~~Daniel tried to get up the courage to ask his mother for more help with his dick, just as Eloise wanted. But he put it off and put it off. Instead, when she went down for a nap, he took the opportunity to fap. Maybe once he came, he’d have the courage to ask her for a titjob. But honestly, he didn’t know how she’d ever say yes.Naked, sitting in his desk chair, he opened up the computer folder with pictures of redheaded women. He hadn’t found a model yet that really looked like Eloise, but these women helped him fantasize. Pretty soon he was really going at it, both hands on his dick and looking at a particularly busty, freckled woman. Maybe after his mom’s nap he’d ask her for what Eloise wanted. Hopefully they’d still have enough time before the other half of the family arrived home.~~In her dream, Julie walked out of the Palmer Mansion on a beautiful morning, the sun streaming down. There were trees around the house she did not recognize. She twirled in her dress, so happy for modern fashion with the abandonment of the bustle. These new dresses beautifully flared from her waist all the way to the ground. A carriage waited for her, the horses eager and whinnying. She took her husband’s right hand in her left and walked down the merry front path. The scent of spring blossoms hung in the air. Her husband was a tall man she recognized from somewhere, but couldn’t quite place him. It seemed she should know her husband, she thought. He was handsome and barrel chested, with a mustache, top hat, and long jacket. “Who’s the father, Jules.” Her husband’s grip became a vice on her hand and Julie shrieked in pain.“I don’t know what you mean, Frederick.” Julie hollered as the bones in her hand popped. As things do in dreams, it became clear his name was Frederick. This was Frederick Palmer. The thought seared into Julie’s brain. The delicate bones in her left hand broke one by one as Frederick squeezed harder and harder. Julie screamed. “Please …”“Is it the boy?” Frederick turned his dark eyes on her and there was nothing behind them. Only a deep, unending blackness. “Give him succor now. Protect him as you will. But if it is he that planted that pernicious seed, I will away with you both.”Julie sat up in bed gasping for air, clutching her blanket to her naked breasts. What a terrible nightmare. She managed to catch her breath and then looked at the bedside clock. It was eleven in the morning. Such a horrific dream for such a short nap. She held up her left hand and thought she could see the red imprint of fingers along the back slowly fading away. She made a fist and released it, looking at her wedding ring. Her hand was fine. It was just a dream. There was no red handprint now. She must have imagined it. “Danny,” she whispered to herself. “I must succor my child.” Julie climbed out of bed, her naked breasts bouncing. The words that escaped her mouth seemed both foreign and completely at home. “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from Him,” Julie whispered. She only wore her panties and that would never do, so Julie scanned the room. She found one of her husband’s large t-shirts and threw it on, giving her some modesty. “To help Danny is to help Him. And God asks for the aid of the righteous.” On bare feet, Julie padded out of her room and down the long hall. She didn’t know where she was going.Once at the other end of the hall, she looked around. Why was she there? The stairs went up to the east tower just before her, but Brittney was at the library with her father. There was a bathroom to her left, but she didn’t need that. A soft grunting sound came muffled through Daniel’s bedroom door. Succor the child. Julie knew what she needed to do. A bath towel hung by the shower in the bathroom. Julie stepped in there and grabbed it. She then crossed the hall and opened Daniel’s door without knocking. Julie should have been shocked, embarrassed, or at least disturbed by what she saw, but all she could think was that Daniel needed her help. He sat naked in his desk chair, looking at a picture of a voluptuous, naked woman on his computer monitor. Both hands furiously pumped at that hard, giant penis between his legs. Sweat beaded on his arms, shoulders, and face. His cheeks were red with the effort of his task. His hands stopped when his mother barged in, but they still held onto the veiny shaft. He made no effort to hide or cover himself. Instead he pivoted his chair to face her.“You can’t get it to come out, can you?” Julie stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. “I think God sent me a dream so that I’d help you.”“What?” Daniel glanced back at the picture of the naked redhead with huge boobs and freckles. He then looked back at his mom. “Oh, yeah. I do need help.” Daniel finally registered what she was wearing. One of his dad’s big t-shirts and completely bare legs. Because the t-shirt hung so low, he couldn’t even tell if she had panties on. “Okay, pumpkin.” Julie flashed a brief, nervous smile. “Mom’s on the job.” She took a step into the room and stopped. She twisted the towel in both hands. “Unless … it’s too weird for you … you know … having me touch you again.”“No, it’s okay.” Daniel thought of Eloise and wanted very much to make the dead woman happy. “The last time you did it, I felt so much better afterward.”“Well, let’s get you taken care of then.” Julie walked over to Daniel, rolled his chair way from the desk, spun him so that he was facing the monitor again, and kneeled down on the floor. She placed the towel next to her right knee. “You can look at that picture if it speeds things along.”“Thanks, Mom.” Daniel didn’t care much about the naked women on his monitor at the moment. “Should I …?” She looked up at the monstrosity, her brown eyes wide, her pupils dilated. “Should I use my mouth again?” Julie reached forward with her right hand and tentatively caressed his right testicle. It was so heavy and full. Daniel nodded. “I can do that. The mouth isn’t cheating. Right?” She looked past the penis at his skinny chest and thin arms. Such a miracle that this mighty tool would belong to her slight son. “Right, Mom.”“Just don’t tell your father, Danny.” She circled the shaft with the fingers on her left hand and gently closed them. It was so incredibly thick. “Or anyone else.” Julie’s focus when to the purplish top of his thing. Such an angry color for such a mild boy. She raised herself up a little on her knees and slowly slid the wide, flared head between her lips. “I won’t tell anyone.” Daniel secretly crossed his fingers as he said this. He’d sure as heck tell Eloise. “Ggggoooooogggghhhhh.” Julie had wanted to say good, but the cockhead got in her way. She bobbed her head in small quick strokes, remembering how best to service Daniel from last time. His thing was so dissimilar to his father’s. This was an almost completely different act than the marital fellatio Julie often performed. She moved her other hand to his pole and pumped up and down with both hands, squeezing tightly. The more she practiced, the more fluid it seemed.“You’re the best, Mom.” Daniel sighed and slouched further into his chair. Julie looked amazing with her pretty face contorted around his dick. Her crows-feet wrinkles etched themselves a little deeper as she struggled to blow her son. Her nostrils flared as she forced herself to breathe through her nose. “I hope Dad appreciates you.”Julie popped her mouth off Daniel’s thing and looked up at his young, handsome face. “He does, Danny.” Then she went right back to sucking. On the other side of town at that moment, George chewed on a pencil, reading through some very old files. He was close to something big. He just knew it. Something really big. He had no idea how close his wife was at that moment to something even bigger.Back in the Palmer Mansion, Daniel looked up from his mother’s bobbing brown hair to his monitor. Instead of the redheaded model he expected, he saw Eloise’s beauty staring back at him. Confused, he blinked several times. On the screen, Eloise nodded her head and the camera panned back. He could see that the ghost sat naked in a wingback chair, by a roaring fire. Her heavy boobs, pregnant belly, and fiery bush were all on full display. She grabbed a breast in each hand, squeezed them together, and moved them up and down. Daniel understood. He nodded at the monitor and Eloise winked an eye back at him. She dropped her breasts and leaned forward in her wingback chair in anticipation of what was to come.“Hey, Mom.” Daniel looked down at Julie as she worked his dick. “That feels … really great. But could I …?”Julie spit out his thing and looked up at him again. “What is it, Danny?” She panted a little. It was hard to get in enough air just breathing through her nose. “I’m here to help.”“Could you … I mean … would you …?” Daniel stammered.“Yes?” Her hands still slid slowly up and down his penis as she looked up. “Could you do it with your boobs?” Daniel spit the words out quickly. “With my …?” Julie turned it over in her head a moment and then understood. “Ohhhh. I see.” Her hands kept up their work as she thought about the request. “Really, Danny?” She cocked her head at him. “Really?”“Yeah, Mom. Please?” Daniel could already tell she was going to do it by the look in her eyes. “It wouldn’t be cheating.”“I suppose not. It’s not cheating if it’s just the boobs.” She let go of her son’s thing and reached for the hem of her husband’s shirt with both hands. She pulled off the shirt and tossed it behind her. Her boobs dropped and jiggled. “They’re beautiful, Mom.” Daniel fixed his stare on those magnificent tits. They hung perfectly on her chest, large, round and full. With thick pink nipples and small areolas. Daniel pulled his eyes away and looked at the monitor behind his mom. Eloise smiled broadly. His eyes dropped down to his mom’s face and he could see her cheeks were redder than usual. “Thank you for the compliment, Danny.” Dressed only in her black panties, Julie held her breasts, scooted herself forward, and wrapped them around his tool. She figured there was enough spit left over from the blowjob for lubrication. “I’ve never done this before, so it may take me a minute to figure it out.” She softly bit the tip of her tongue in concentration and tried one long pump with her breasts, using her hands to move her boobs up and down. Satisfied with the result, she did it again and again. Pretty soon she had an awkward, but consistent rhythm.“Dad’s missing out.” Daniel couldn’t look away from what his sweet mom was doing to him.“It’s okay.” Julie raised her eyes from Daniel’s thing and looked up into her son’s face. She could see the pleasure written there as he gritted his teeth. That she could bring her son such joy filled her with happiness. “I wouldn’t be able to do this for George anyway. Not like this.” She looked back down at the monster that slid between her tightly pressed boobs. “He’s so different from you, Danny.”Back at the library, George held up a paper excitedly. The plans, he’d found the plans. This would make their work so much easier and might solve the mystery of the locked room. When he brought a copy home, Julie would be so thrilled. This would surely be the most exciting thing she’d seen all day. He poured over the plans.In the Palmer Mansion, Daniel looked over his mother’s shoulder as she worked so hard to bring him off. On his monitor, he could see Eloise, still naked in her chair, biting her fingernails in expectation. Eloise nodded at Daniel and made the same volcano explosion motions with her hands that she’d made while watching him and Julie in the study the other day. Daniel resolved not to disappoint her this time. “Are you close, sweetie?” Julie stared down at that purple dome as it slipped between her cleavage. “Not … yet …” If Daniel warned her, she’d use the towel to finish him. Eloise didn’t want that. So instead, he grunted and let loose. Cum rocketed out of his dick, splashing up into Julie’s face and hair. It also flew through the air and landed on the wood floor all around them.On the computer monitor, Eloise silently bounced up and down on her chair, clapping her hands wildly and laughing with great joy. “Eeeewwwwwwww.” Julie closed her eyes, let go of her boobs, and turned away from the spewing thing. “Oh, my gosh, Danny. It’s in my face.” She could still feel cum landing on her side as she wiped the hot, salty mess off her lips and out of her eyes. “You can’t just do that, Danny. You have to let me know.” Julie blindly reached for the towel by her knee, found it, and brought it up to her face. After a few seconds, she felt no more sperm landing on her, so at least he was done. “Sorry … Mom.” Daniel didn’t have a bible verse for this situation, but he did have a handy aphorism. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission. He chose not to share it with her. “It was just …” he panted and looked at the mess he’d made. There was cum all over his stomach, thighs, and his mostly naked mother. The floor around them was a mess. It really had been a volcanic eruption. “It was just so … sudden.” Daniel glanced at the monitor and the image of Eloise was gone, replaced by the redheaded model from before.“It’s okay, pumpkin.” It dawned on Julie that in trying to do God’s will, she’d just bathed herself in what seemed like a gallon of teenage cum. That realization, was followed by another. She was incredibly wet. She’d been so focused on her son’s pleasure, that she hadn’t even noticed how much her body had responded to the acts they’d just committed. “I’m going to go take a shower and wash all this off.” Julie stood gingerly, rubbing the towel against her breasts to remove some of the congealing sperm there. “I want you to clean up this mess right away.” She walked to the door.“Of course.” Daniel didn’t move from the chair. He watched her panty-clad butt as she walked to the door, opened it, and disappeared down the hall. “Sorry.” He called after her. And he was sorry. Or at least a part of him was. But another part of him reveled in what had just happened and how Eloise would reward him the next time she paid him a visit.When Julie got in the shower, much to her surprise, she found her hand moving to her vagina. She took a long, hot shower and orgasmed several times as she masturbated, thinking about how she had just satisfied her son. They were some of the best orgasms she’d had in years. Maybe, just maybe, she’d offer to help Daniel out another time. Only if he still needed her help. Chapter 4Julie sat in the study on Sunday afternoon, staring at her computer monitor. She sighed. It wasn’t easy ***********ing floor tile for the bathrooms. She worked her way through period-relevant tile from salvaged projects. They had to save money at every step for their Palmer Mansion restoration. As she scrolled through the geometric patterns, Julie’s mind wandered to the deluge of sperm Daniel had sprayed on her. She’d once heard a vulgar comic say that every man’s dream was to cover women in sperm. They want to drown them in cum, he’d said. Julie thought the comic was just as horribly crass now as she did when she’d first heard him, but she might now understand the impulse better. It really had pleased Daniel to paint her with his seed like he did. And it had moved something in her as well. She, maybe, sort of liked it. That was a strange thing to admit to herself.Julie blinked and adjusted her reading glasses. The online tile store was gone from her monitor, replaced by a sex shop. Somehow, while she’d been daydreaming, she’d gone to a site she’d never seen before. How in the world had that happened? She was now staring at what the store promised were huge, pussy-changing dildos. Julie put her left hand to her mouth and moved the curser to the exit box. But instead of leaving, she scrolled down the page. She decided to have a little look out of curiosity. Five minutes later, she’d somehow purchased a jet-black, eleven-inch phallus with expedited shipping. Julie quickly closed the page and went back to her bathroom tile browsing. All the rest of the day, she felt a definite wetness between her legs. Pussy-changing was such a deplorably crude and sensationalized de***********ion. But as her mind continued to wander, Julie couldn’t help but wonder how true it might be. Maybe she’d have the courage to find out when the new toy arrived. Of course, whatever she did with the thing, she’d be sure to include her husband.~~The stairs creaked as Daniel made his way up to the east tower room. “Britt? You up here?” He pushed the door to the tower and it squealed its way open. He thought he better add oiling door hinges to his parent’s punch list. “Britt?” Most of the windows in the tower were open and a cool breeze blew through the circular space. “I’m out here,” Britt called over her shoulder from outside the northernmost window. Daniel walked to the window and looked out. His twin sister sat cross-legged on the fish scale shingle roof that hung about three feet out from the tower and ran three-quarters of the way around. Her brown hair tossed and turned in the wind. “What are you doing out there?” Suddenly dizzy, Daniel leaned back into the room and stepped away from the window. He could no longer see Brittney, but she wasn’t that far away.“I like to come here and think.” Brittney didn’t bother looking back, she knew her brother was afraid of heights. “It’s so beautiful. I was just thinking about the sermon today.”“Oh?” Daniel tensed as movement caught his eye to the east. He relaxed when he saw Eloise gingerly climb in through a window to his right. Eloise cradled her big belly as she stretched her legs over the windowsill. Her long, flowing dress was without a bustle. It’s was quite striking with hues of blue and green. She smiled when she made eye contact with Daniel and walked over to him, careful to keep out of view of Brittney’s window. “Yeah, Corinthians 10:13, specifically. No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and He will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation He will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.”“What …” Daniel watched as Eloise approached, her bone-white finger placed on her pink lips. With her left hand, Eloise reached into his shorts and found his penis already hard. She nodded her head approvingly, her red hair blowing, ever so slightly, in the breeze. “What about it, Britt?” Daniel trembled at that frigid touch.Eloise leaned forward and pressed her lips on Daniel’s ear. “You did well with your mother. What a lovely achromatic painting you gave that pretty woman. Well done, indeed.” She giggled softly. “Now we continue.”“Now?” Daniel whispered back. But he offered no resistance as she lowered his shorts and boxers. “I was just wondering if that’s true.” Brittney breathed in the fresh air and watched the puffy white clouds blow slowly past. “I mean, if there really is a God, do you think He always gives us an out from our temptations? And if He does, why give us temptations in the first place?”“Well …” Daniel tried hard to keep his concentration as Eloise sunk to her knees with a let’s-be-naughty smirk on her freckled face. “Maybe it means that we can enjoy temptation and God will step in only if it gets out of hand.” Daniel sighed as Eloise took him into her icy mouth. The cold heightened his pleasure. He looked down at the twin diamonds on her finger and wondered why she still wore the ring if she had so completely turned on her marriage vows. Then he thought of Frederick’s anger out in the hallway. But even that remembered fear couldn’t spoil the high he got whenever Eloise paid him that special kind of attention. “I don’t know, Danny. That sounds like wishful thinking.” Brittney looked over her shoulder but couldn’t see her brother through the window. He was such a sissy about heights. “You haven’t been doing drugs or anything, have you?” Brittney didn’t think he had. She usually had a sixth sense when something was wrong with her brother. Although, lately, he’d been sort of a blank slate.“No … uuummmmm … nothing like that.” Daniel’s legs trembled as Eloise circled his purple head with her frigid tongue. “Uuuhhhh … tell me more.” Daniel’s eyes widened as Eloise grabbed his oversized balls, one in each palm, and took his monster dick down her throat with one fluid motion. He didn’t think it would be possible to take so much cock so easily, but then again, she wasn’t exactly human. “You sound strange.” Brittney sighed, she didn’t want to go back inside just yet, but it sounded like her brother needed her. “Do you need me to come in?”“I’m … fine.” Daniel fought the impulse to put his hands on her head. She might not like that. Despite the incredibly long strokes she took down her throat, there was almost no noise. “Stay … outside. Why are you thinking … uh … about temptation? Are you … getting serious with … Ted?”“Not really.” Brittney looked down at the overgrown yard far below and spotted an abandoned rose bush that was still sending out the most beautiful red flowers. She thought she’d have to go down there and pick some sometime. “The sermon just spoke to me, I guess. How about you, Danny? Any girlfriends I should know about?”“Noooo.” Daniel grit his teeth. His whole body trembled. He tried to stifle his groans as he let loose inside Eloise’s pretty mouth. He could see her jaw and neck work as she gulped shot after shot of cum down into her stomach. “Well, that’s too bad, Danny. You’re a nice boy and you’ll make some girl really happy.” Brittney could hear her brother groaning a little and assumed it was her spot high above the ground that upset him so. “I’ll come in.”Eloise pulled her mouth off his rod and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. She winked at him and faded away like dust on the breeze. Daniel’s whole body buzzed from the blowjob and he almost missed the telltale sounds of his sister scooting along the shingles outside. She was coming back in. Daniel hastily pulled his shorts over his still hard dick and pulled his t-shirt over the head as it stuck up past his belly button. He turned and waddled for the stairs.“Hey, where are you going?” Brittney stuck her head inside the window and watched her skinny brother retreat. Why was he walking like that?“I have to use the bathroom,” Daniel said over his shoulder. He got to the stairs and descended. “Bye.”“Okay, bye.” Brittney thought about why he was waddling to the bathroom and guessed he had one of those big boners she’d seen him get recently. “Ew, gross.” He was going to the bathroom to take care of it. Her nose wrinkled in disgust. Teenage boys were so nasty. ~~“Don’t I look pretty, George?” Julie twirled in her powder blue chemise and corset. It was late on a weekday night, the kids were sleeping, and the parents had been hard at work on the house all day. Time for some fun.“You always look pretty, Jules.” George tried not to frown. “What about some different lingerie tonight? It’s been a while since you wore that red, lacey set I got you for Valentine’s Day.”“Oh, come on.” Julie stuck her hip to the side and placed her hand on it, striking a pose. “You know you like it.” She laughed and walked to the closet. She always felt so giddy when wearing the Victorian underwear. “Plus, I’ve got a surprise for you.” She opened the closet door and bent to retrieve something.“Well, I like surprises.” George watched her from his reclined position on the bed. He did like how the corset accentuated Julie’s boobs and the flare of her hips. He just wanted to see a little more skin. Nonetheless, his dick stiffened in his boxers as he watched her round bottom. “Here we are.” Julie straightened and turned toward George. “What …?” George’s eyes went wide. Whatever he was expecting from his straitlaced wife, it wasn’t this. In both hands, she held before her the most enormous dick George had ever seen, certainly, almost a foot long and very thick. It was as black as pitch and evil looking. “What is that?”“I thought we could spice things up a bit.” Julie’s face opened in a broad smile. She held the phallus out in front of her, one hand circled around the veiny shaft, the other holding the round balls. “You wanna see me try and fit this thing in my little vagina?” She raised an eyebrow and cocked her hip at him again. “Uh … Julie … this is very …” George mumbled. His dick softened as he saw her wedding ring pressed into that veiny monstrosity. “Why?”“I just thought we should try it.” Julie bounded over to the bed, her breasts rocking up and down in the corset. “I don’t have any panties on. You’ll have to get me very wet, Georgie.”“Um …” George couldn’t take his eyes off the horrible thing. “I have a headache, Jules.” He rolled onto his side away from his wife and pressed his head into the pillow. “No sex tonight.”“Really?” Julie stopped by the bed and the smile dropped from her face. “I … I wanted to share this with you, George.”“I’ve got a headache. Too much work on the house.” George pulled the blankets up over him. “Could you get the light?”“Okay.” Julie’s shoulders slumped and she looked down at the thing in her hands. Frown lines creased her pretty face. Why had she bought this thing? And why would she think it would make George feel anything but anxiety over his own small penis? Was his penis small? Julie hadn’t thought so until recently. Julie returned to the closet and put the dildo away. She then went over by the door and flipped the light switch. The room fell into darkness. “Goodnight, dear.”“Goodnight,” George grumbled from the bed.Julie padded over to their bathroom to change out of the corset and chemise. She resolved to be a better wife to George. She’d make it up to him. Make him feel like a man again. She vowed to put big penises out her mind completely. No more helping her son. And she’d throw that dildo away in the morning. But … maybe … She thought it over as she pulled off the lingerie. Maybe she’d just hold that dark phallus one more time. That wouldn’t hurt anything. Just to feel the weight in her hands. And if Daniel really needed some help, she might just give it to him. A mother’s responsibility is to care for her son, after all. And that was just as important as her wifely duties. ~~Julie made breakfast, fed her family, and sent the twins off to school. She then kissed her husband on the cheek and sent him off to the hardware store. She had the whole house to herself for a little while, a rarity. And to her great surprise, a few minutes later, she found herself sitting on the edge of her bed, rubbing the head of that giant dildo up against her wet vaginal lips. One minute she was stripping to take a much-needed shower, the next she had the dildo in her hands. The thing was so substantial and manly. Her fingers trembled as she tried to push it in. “Ooohhhhhhh.” She grunted and looked down between her hanging breasts as just the very tip stretched her out. The jet-black thing looked like a phallus made of night. It was almost like some ancient darkness spread her opening, trying to get in. She reminded herself it was just molded silicone as her moans filled the bedroom. It was too much. “For you, Danny. I’d do anything.” Where had those words come from? Suddenly she imagined her skinny son trying to shove his monster into her. It was even bigger than what she held in her hands. She knew such an act would destroy her marriage and her vagina, but the thought was irrepressible. “Oh, Danny.” She struggled to push more of the dildo into her, but only got another fraction of an inch in. She looked down at her poor vagina, it was spread around the head obscenely. Why did this feel so good? “Oh, no.” A surge of pleasure flooded through her, and suddenly her vagina erupted. “What’s … happening?” Julie’s whole body trembled and she dropped the dildo to the floor where it landed with a solid thud. “Oooohhhhhhhhh.” A small geyser of clear liquid shot out of her vagina and sprayed upon the floor. And then another and another. Julie tossed her head back onto the bed and shrieked out the most amazing orgasm of her life. When she was done, she lay there for a while, her heart thumping and chest heaving with each breath. She finally stood and looked at the puddle on the floorboards. Nothing like that had ever happened to her before. “I must get rid of that thing.” She eyed the dildo with contempt and thought of the sermon from that past Sunday. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. Escape. God would give her the strength to throw away the dildo so that she might escape this new feeling. She didn’t want the dildo to come between her and George. She resolved to take that enormous thing to the trash just as soon as she cleaned up her mess. Once the floor was again spotless, and the sheets changed. Julie somehow lost her resolve and she hid the dildo behind some books on one of the shelves in the library, one of which was Turgenev’s First Love. As she neatly lined up the books in front of the monster, she thought that this was just as good as throwing it away. Out of sight, out of mind. She turned and went back upstairs to take that much needed shower.~~The Andersons assembled on the couch in the basement for a movie night. It was a family tradition to all get together on the third Thursday of the month for a screening. Although it wasn’t the same since Brad moved out. Daniel sat on one end of the couch, leaning on his mother’s shoulder. George sat on the other side of Julie, holding her right hand in his left. Brittney curled herself on the other end of the couch, in the corner with her knees pressed into her chest. Most of the family kept their eyes on the screen, watching the latest sci-fi extravaganza. On screen, lasers flew and spaceships exploded. But Daniel’s eyes kept wandering away from the TV and toward the fireplace. In the days since Eloise had led him down those hidden stairs, Daniel had tried to find the lever or latch that turned each fireplace but couldn’t get any of them to open. As his eyes looked around the shadowy mantle, he caught some movement to the left on the stairs to the main level. Eloise stood there in one of her long flowing dresses. She smiled and beckoned to Daniel with her finger. Daniel rose from the couch and walked toward the stairs.“Where are you going, mister?” Julie watched him leave.“Bathroom.” Daniel didn’t look back.“Well, don’t be long.” Julie snuggled into her husband’s warm side. “I think they’re almost at the mothership.”“Sure, Mom.” Daniel mumbled and climbed the stairs. He couldn’t see Eloise anymore, but once in the main hall, he heard the crackle of fire in the living room and saw an orange, rhomboid glow cast through the open door ahead. He walked down the hall, turned into the living room, and stopped. There was indeed a roaring fire in the fireplace. Eloise sat on the hearth, with her long dress tucked under her. Her eyes shone with the reflected blaze and with greeting. “So nice to pull yourself away from that image-box for me.” She stood and smoothed out her dress. Her pale arms seemed to glow in the warm, luminous room. “You continue to make me proud, Danny, and I so love giving you rewards.”A sudden thought occurred to Daniel as he took in the swell of her belly, boobs, and hips under her flowing dress. “How come you don’t have that thing on the back of your dress?”“The bustle?” Eloise cocked her head. “It’s not in style anymore, dearie.”“But I saw you wearing a dress like that before.” Daniel furrowed his brow. One part of his mind told him it didn’t matter what she wore. She was going to be naked soon anyway. But another part of his mind wanted to follow this rabbit down its hole. “It was in style when I wore it.” She smiled and nodded with encouragement at him. “I always keep up with the latest fashion.”“So …” Daniel half-turned and closed the sliding door behind him. “I’m seeing a younger and older you at different times? One when the bustle was in fashion and one when it wasn’t?”Eloise smiled and winked at him. “But …” Daniel thought it through. “You’re always pregnant.” He lowered his pants and pulled off his micro-boxers. His dick stood proudly, casting a long shadow against the far wall. “Now, Danny, you know I wasn’t always pregnant.” Eloise slipped out of her dress and dropped it to the floor. Naked, she stepped back onto a luxurious bearskin rug in front of the hearth, cupping her swollen breasts and belly with her thin arms.“Two different children, then?” Daniel didn’t care about the rug or the animal heads adorning the walls. He didn’t even notice all the new furniture stuffed into that room. Eloise clapped her hands in delight. “Such a clever boy. Different children. Same belly. Different times. Different fathers.”“Frederick was the father of the first child. Right?” Daniel walked toward her, his dick swaying before him, the firelight dancing off his flesh. “Who was the second father?”“The past is done and gone, Danny.” Eloise opened her arms to him. “I have so much to teach you now. We must prepare you, dearie. You still know so little.”Daniel stepped onto the rug, the bear fur soft between his toes. He placed one hand on the fleshy curve of her butt and the other on the delicate arch of her back. He fell into her cold embrace and stretched up to plant his lips on hers. Her boobs and belly pushed wonderfully against him. His dick fit snuggly between her legs. Eloise broke their kiss and looked down into his eyes. “Mate me, Danny.” She dropped down to her knees. “A mare is meant for the gallop.” She turned, dropped to all fours, and presented her round ass to him. “Ride me.”Daniel wasted no time in entering her, and he didn’t even need her help. He now knew where her opening was and he slid right in. He found a steady rhythm and watched in fascination as her butt rippled with each thrust. “You have a tender heart.” Eloise looked back at him over her flawless, white shoulder with languid, lust-filled eyes. “But that is not enough for a woman, young stallion. Control …” She bit her bottom lip as his cock hit somewhere deep inside her. “Your first lesson is control. You must take a woman by the reins and drive her as you would a wild mare you mean to tame. This is the secret few of the fairer sex will tell. But mark my words, all desire it.” She turned her head forward and stared into the fire. “Take my hair, Danny.”“Okay.” Daniel had not thought himself the type to grab a woman by the hair, but he wasn’t about to say no to her. He took a fistful of copper hair with his left hand and pulled her head back a little.“Yes.” Eloise arched her back, her round belly dropping closer to the rug below. “This is … oooohhhhhh … the most important lesson. Everything else you learn … is nestled inside this one fact. A woman longs for surrender. Tame her and she is yours.”“Not … uh … uh … uh … all women.” But even as he said this, Daniel tightened his grip on her hair and dug his fingertips into the cool flesh just south of her right hip.“Yes, all women. I … will … show you, my sweet. You have … paid …” Eloise grunted as she bounced under his control. She no longer pushed back with each thrust, she couldn’t. She just did her best to absorb the onslaught. It was perfect. “You paid, Danny, and now … you will receive your bounty.” Her fingers dug into the rug. “Tell me … tell me what you wish to do.”“I’m gonna … cum.”“No.” She shook her head, her hair still firmly in his grasp. “No, impose … upon me, Daniel.”“Take … my … cum … Mrs. Palmer … aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.” Daniel shot his load deep inside Eloise’s frigid pussy. His hips fell out of rhythm but kept bucking. Eloise gasped and took the heat deep in her. It felt so good to be filled to the brim with life. Eventually the boy behind her stilled and released her hair. “We still have work to do, but that was fine. Mighty fine.” She moved forward and dislodged him. “You’ve filled my crinkum crankum, and that’s always a good thing, dearie.” She turned onto her side and looked up at him. “Now get dressed and get yourself back to your family.”“Um … okay.” Daniel nodded. He stood and went to fetch his clothes.“You’re a good boy, Danny.” Eloise luxuriated in the post-coital feelings that swept through her. She watched the skinny boy shrug into his clothing. “Soon, you’ll be a great boy.” She smiled. “Now get you away to your dear mother and request the aid you so rightly deserve.” Cum leaked out between her legs and pooled on the rug. She had so much to teach that young eighteen-year-old. And he seemed eager to learn.“Now?” Daniel opened the door.“Yes, now.” Eloise smiled her warmest smile up at him as the fire crackled behind her. “Take the reins, Danny.”Daniel nodded, waved to Eloise, and walked out of the living room.~~A space battle raged on TV as Daniel returned to the basement.“You smell funny.” Brittney looked up at her brother as he awkwardly walked behind the couch and sat down on the other end by their mother. “Anyway, you missed a lot. The good guys are taking control of the mothership.”“Oh, yeah?” Daniel’s hard dick pressed painfully into his soft belly as he sat down. He moved his butt around on the cushion and tried to get comfortable.“You do smell strange, Danny.” Julie lifted her head off her husband’s shoulder and looked at her son. He smelled like some sort of pungent tropical flower. “And why are you squirming like that?”“Sorry, Mom.” Daniel finally stuck his butt toward the end of the cushion and leaned back. Now his dick wasn’t poking him anymore. “Just having a hard time getting comfortable.”Julie looked down at Daniel’s pants and saw the clear outline of his mammoth package. “Oh.” Her eyes went wide. The poor boy had such a hard time with his thing these days. “I see.”“Quiet everyone.” George didn’t take his eyes off the TV screen. “We’re about to see the aliens.”“Sorry, Dad.” Daniel leaned over and whispered in his mother’s ear, “I’m having trouble again and I need your help.”Julie shook her head and squeezed George’s hand tighter. George squeezed back, but his attention stayed on the movie.“Please,” Daniel whispered. “I tried in the bathroom, but it didn’t work.” He found that ever since moving into their new house, lies came much easier to him. “I’ll be quick. We’ll be back in time for the end of the movie.”“Daniel Gregory Anderson,” Julie hissed and gave Daniel a steely glare. But her heart softened as she looked into her son’s pained blue eyes. She disentangled her arm from George’s arm, stood, and looked down at her lovely husband. “I have to help Daniel with something. We’ll be right back.”“Can’t it wait?” George looked up at her and frowned. “Apparently, it cannot.” Julie walked off toward the stairs.“You’re missing the movie,” George called after her.“We’ll be back in a jiffy, dear.” Julie climbed the stairs, her dress billowing behind her. “Come on, Danny.”“Right.” Daniel blinked his eyes. He couldn’t believe she’d agreed. He rose from the couch and walked around the back again so his stiff dick wouldn’t be obvious to his father and sister. “Don’t be long.” George said as his son followed his wife out of the basement.“We won’t,” Daniel said over his shoulder. He climbed the stairs and entered the long main hall. “I can’t believe I agreed to this.” Julie waited for him, standing with her hands on her hips and tapping her bare foot on the floor. “Come on, let’s get you taken care of.” She grabbed Daniel’s hand and pulled him into the bathroom. She then shut the door and locked it behind them. “Okay, pants off. We have to hurry.”“Thanks, Mom. I really needed this.” Daniel pulled off his pants and boxers and his dick flopped out.“Yes, I can see. It looks really … um … engorged.” Julie reached out and gently brushed her fingernails along the purple head. “What is that smell? It’s musky and flowery … like …” Julie scrunched up her nose and moved her hand away from his penis. “Did you already take care of yourself? You smell like sperm and I’m not going to be doing this if you can do it yourself.”“No. I promise.” Daniel’s mouth sprouted lies like they were trees in a growing forest. “It’s just the precum. I get a lot of precum when it won’t go down.”“Oh.” She reached back for the long, heavy thing and grasped the shaft in her left hand. “Well, I suppose that’s unusual and a bit unseemly, but I’m your mother and I’ve seen it all. And … the thought is actually kind of … um …” Her hand moved back and forth. “… interesting.” “Can you do it with your mouth again? It’s not cheating.” Daniel watched as she lowered herself to her knees on the tile. He had a wonderful view of her pretty face as it went slack, absorbed, as she was, with watching the slightly pulsing dick. “It better not be cheating …” Julie licked the head and tasted Daniel’s salty flavor. “… or I’d be a very bad wife.” She opened wide and took the head inside. That was all she could fit. She remembered her technique for taking care of Daniel and bobbed her head with little short strokes while pumping his shaft with both hands. Her brown ponytail danced as she worked to bring Daniel off. “You’re … aaaahhhhh … a great wife.” Daniel looked down at her pretty lips as they contorted around his dickhead. “And the … best mom in the world.”“Mmmmmmmmm,” Julie said.Down in the basement, George let out a woop as the protagonist took control of the mothership. Brittney smiled at her father, and wondered what the other half of the Andersons were up to.A little later in the bathroom, Julie still worked Daniel, giving him short pumps with her mouth and long strokes with her hands. She pulled her mouth off his thing and looked up. “We … really need to … get back to the … movie.” She panted from the effort, but her hands kept working the shaft. “Are you close? Do you need my boobs again?”“Yeah, Mom. That’d help this go way faster.” Daniel watched Julie shrug out of the top of her dress, and reach behind and unclasp her bra. He held his breath as her tits dropped out of confinement. They were so perfect, with her large pink nipples, and the blue web of veins that ran just under the skin. They made his mother look so vulnerable.“You have to tell me before you explode this time.” Julie rose up on her knees a little and pressed her son’s rod between her boobs. “You can’t cover me with your stuff like you did before.” The memory of that moment sent an involuntary shiver down her spine and caused her vagina to dampen even more than it was already. She could feel her panties soaking through. “We don’t have time for a shower.”“Sure, Mom.” Daniel wondered what Eloise would think about that. He didn’t want to disappoint the apparition, but she hadn’t said anything about it this time. Daniel looked around the bathroom, half expecting to see Eloise’s reflection in the mirror, but there was no sign of her. He looked back down at his mother and sighed as she eagerly slid his saliva-soaked dick between her large, soft tits. Julie stuck out the tip of her tongue just a little as she focused all her energy on making Daniel cum.After a few minutes, Julie looked up into her son’s eyes. “Are you close, Danny?”“Not yet.” Daniel’s mouth hung open as he watched the remarkable sight playing out in front of him. “We have to hurry this along.” Julie looked at the locked door and then back at Daniel. “What can I do?”“How about your butt, Mom?”“I beg your pardon, young man?” Julie let go of her breasts and leaned back. Her arms were tired. “If I could rub it on your butt, I’m sure I wouldn’t last long.” Daniel took hold of his dick and stroked it while Julie thought things over.“It wouldn’t be cheating if you just rubbed on my butt.” Julie stood, turned her back to Daniel, and lifted her dress up to her waist. “And … also … I’ll need to keep my panties on.” She leaned forward and placed her hands on the countertop next to the sink. Her feet inched out as she spread her legs to lower her butt down to her son’s level. “Of course.” Daniel stepped up behind and looked down at her amazing ass. He couldn’t decide what he liked best. The way it flared out from her narrow waist? The way it jiggled with just the slightest of her movements? The round, perfect curves? He loved all of it. “Here I go.” He placed his dick between her cheeks with the head all the way up above the crumpled dress hanging from the small of her back. He grabbed a cheek in each hand and then rubbed his shaft in a seesaw motion. Back in the basement, the move accelerated toward its climax. “Behind you! The alien’s behind you, dummy,” George shouted at the TV. The stupid pilot had forgotten to look behind him. George was so into the movie, he didn’t even notice his wife and son still weren’t back yet.“That’s it, pumpkin.” Julie braced herself against the rubbing monster behind her. She hoped Daniel couldn’t tell how wet she was. “Let me know when you’re ready.” She looked down at her hands to avoid looking into the mirror and her ring sparkled up at her. She did not want to see what she looked like submitting to her son in this way. What they were doing may not have been cheating, but it certainly was dirty.“I’m … ready … Mom.” Daniel moved his eyes from that wobbling butt, past her rumpled dress hanging around her waist, and up her pale, bare back to where her delicate shoulder blades arched. She was beyond beautiful.“Good boy, Danny.” Julie quickly turned around, grabbed a bath towel from the towel rack, and dropped to her knees again. “Shoot it out. Get it all out of there, sweetie.” She grabbed his penis and gave the most furious handjob of her life.“Mom … Mom … Mooooommmmm.” Daniel’s balls churned.Down in the basement, Brittney covered her eyes to hide from the images on the screen. “Ew, gross. The alien’s oozing all over her.”George chuckled. “It’s just a movie, Britt.”Back up in the bathroom, sensing the moment, Julie lifted the towel up and caught spurt after spurt with soft Egyptian cotton. She looked up at Daniel and marveled at how the orgasm had taken him over. He shut his eyes, gritted his teeth, and shook all over. “Let it all out. That’s a good boy.” The towel started to soak through so she folded it up to help absorb all that sperm. She knew from experience just how much her son stored in those giant balls of his. “Wow …” Daniel panted and opened his eyes. “Thanks, Mom.”“You’re welcome, pumpkin.” Julie took the towel away and saw a little stray cum left behind on the purple head. She leaned forward and licked it off with her pink tongue. Her shoulders gave a quick shiver at the salty, tangy taste. “All better?” Julie rolled the towel into a ball and put it in the sink. She then picked up her bra, stood up, and put it back on.“Yeah, thanks Mom. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Daniel sighed and pulled up his micro-boxers. He stuffed his deflating dick into the pouch. “Well, if I wasn’t helping you, you’d definitely need a doctor.” Julie pulled her dress up and slipped her arms back in. She shook her hips to get the dress to fall back down to her knees. “You’ve got so much in there.” She nodded at his boxers. “It’d be unhealthy if it got backed up.”“Yeah, totally.” Daniel pulled up his pants and buttoned them. “What are we going to tell Dad and Britt?”“Well …” Julie turned to the mirror and checked herself out. She looked fine. Certainly not like she’d just had a giant penis between her breasts. “… I don’t think we should lie. But …” She looked at Daniel in the mirror and raised an eyebrow. “Let’s just tell them I needed some help figuring out what to say to a girl.” Daniel ran a hand through his messy blond hair. “You’re a girl, Mom. And you helped me say stuff to you. So, it’s sorta true.”“Good enough.” Julie nodded. “Speaking of girls, maybe you could find someone at school who’d help you with your thing. I can’t keep doing this forever.” She saw Daniel’s face fall and Julie quickly added, “I’ll be here if you need it. I just don’t want you relying on your mother for this sort of thing, sweetie.”“Thanks, Mom.” Daniel’s face brightened. “I’ll see if I can find myself a girlfriend.”“That’s my boy.” Julie picked up the towel and held it away from her body. “I’m going to go put this in the laundry hamper in your room. I can’t take it down to the washing machine right now.” She gave Daniel a chagrinned smile, imagining walking the cum filled towel right by her daughter and husband in the basement. “Stay here, I’ll be right back.” Julie jogged down the hall and up the stairs in her bare feet.Daniel stepped out into the hall and waited. A minute or so later, Julie returned and they went back down for the rest of movie night. “Hey, where’d you two go? You missed it.” George looked up from the couch and pointed to the TV where the credits rolled.“Oh, I’m sorry dear.” Julie frowned and folded her arms over her chest. “Danny needed some help with a girl.”“Oh, a girl huh?” Brittney looked at her brother and waggled her eyebrows. “Anyone I know?” Daniel shook his head.“Fine, keep your secrets.” Brittney laughed. She knew her brother needed lots of help, he was way too shy around the girls in school. “I hope it works out with her.”“Uh … thanks, Britt.” Daniel looked at his beautiful mom. “I do too.”~~Later that night, Julie tried to make it up to George by giving him his first titjob. “You like it, honey?” “It’s … different.” George’s dick didn’t actually feel all that great engulfed in her boobs.“Maybe if I try it this way.” Julie felt frustrated. He was too small to make it work right. Or maybe her breasts were too big. It was a disappointing endeavor. “How about my mouth?” “That’d be better.” George nodded as she devoured his dick. Julie sucked hard and even let him finish down her throat. She swallowed and smiled up at him. She hoped he’d be up for round two. Julie really wanted some sex after all the foreplay she’d had that day with the Anderson men. “How about a little more? I’ll ride you, honey. You wouldn’t have to work at all.” “What’s gotten into you, Jules?” George groaned and rolled over in bed. “That’s enough for one night.”Julie sighed and went to go turn off the light. She contemplated sneaking into the library and retrieving the dildo, but she’d sworn she wouldn’t use that thing again. She flipped the switch and the room went dark. “Goodnight, George.” “Goodnight, Jules.”She walked across the room and lay down next to him in bed. When she closed her eyes, she could think only of how Daniel’s penis had felt rubbing against her behind. What would it be like to allow that thing in? She tried very hard not to think about the answer to that question. 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